Edinburgh Walking Tours 2019

Edinburgh may not be a large city, but its wealth of history and gorgeous architect well outstrip its physical size. In this article we've outlined some of the city's finest waking tours. We've chosen to start with ...

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Dublin In A Day - What To Do During A One Day Stopover

Last week I found myself in Dublin, Ireland - just for the day. Having arrived at the airport around 09:30 I decided to jump on the Airlink shuttle bus - the green one numbered 747 - which takes you to central Dublin ...

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5 Must-Visit Game Of Thrones Locations In Malta

With an architectural heritage spanning 6 millennia and a vast variety of cultural influences, it's little wonder that HBO's location scouts chose Malta as the setting for numerous iconic scenes in Game of Thrones.

If you're a ...

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15 of Dublin's Best, Underrated Bars and Pubs

When your Dublin sightseeing journey begins to wind down for the day and nightlife starts to beckon be sure to have planned out beforehand where you'd like kick back and enjoy the craic. The Irish capital is a city ...

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Hitler's Bavaria - Still a beauty after the beasts.

Munich, Nuremberg and Berchtesgaden have long been associated with the horrific legacy of the National Socialist party. Munich was the birthplace and power epicentre of the Nazis, Nuremberg their rally ground and Berchtesgaden, the beautiful alpine retreat of Hitler and ...

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