11 of the Best Bars in Prague

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As comprehensive as the City Sightseeing Prague tour is, it can't get into all the nooks and crannies of the Old Town. Any sightseeing trip to this awesome city is therefore going to involve a fair bit of walking. So at the height of a busy day, or as the sun begins to set, where do you plant yourself down for a drink and some good food?

CityXplora once again took to twitter and contacted various locals and travel experts to seek their advice on the best places to savour a brew and sate your appetite. Our search turned up 11 personal favourites that cover a wide variety of tastes and situations. Looking for a place to simply chill, sample the finest cocktails, or dance the night away? We've found a place for you.


Our Best Bars In Prague:


1) Restaurace Kulový Blesk (Sokolská 1499/13):

This New Town eatery/bar was recommended by the folks at Prague Urban Adventure @PragueUA. Its outward appearance is of a friendly, no-frills locale where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a good meal and a selection of up to 28 draught beers straight from tap. Pull up a chair at one of the rustic wooden tables and dig into a spicy sausage broth with bread and a pint from some of the Czech Republic's finest and most unique microbreweries. The food menu also has a number of vegetarian options and if beer isn't your thing there's a selection of soft drinks and spirits.

2) U Sporťáka (Moskevská 95/45):

This sports bar was recommended by Ian Hunt, @Ian_Hunt9. Relative to the Old and New Towns it's a little out-the-way, but if you find yourself exploring the architecturally spectacular Vinohrady district then this is a great little spot to give your feet a rest. A large variety of beers are available on-tap as well as by the bottle, and plenty of screens line the walls. Try Radegast unfiltered larger or Tank Kozel Light, the second best-selling beer in the Czech Republic and the country's most popular internationally. If you know of a big sporting event and want to check it out while in the company of locals, then you can't go wrong with U Sporťáka.

3) Hemingway (Karoliny Světlé 26):

Prague's Hemingway bar is a gem cherished by patrons who appreciate top quality spirits and expertly prepared cocktails. The establishment derives both its name and drinks list from American author Ernest Hemingway and his penchant for absinthe, rum and Champagne. Not only did the Pulitzer Prize winner pen numerous classics of American literature but he also had a love of good bars throughout the world. This establishment on the western edge of Staré Město near the banks the Vltava River is Prague's passionate homage to the man's inspirational tastes and favoured Cuban haunts. The variety of absinthe on offer at the Hemingway Bar is widely regarded as the most diverse in the Czech Republic. Not only will staff mix and serve such drinks, but their expertise also extends to the proper art of drinking, which they'll happily share with you and your friends.

If your palate favours rum then treat yourself to over two hundred varieties. There's even a 'tasting experience' available (pre-booking required), whereby two-centilitre samples are served up with a stick of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. When it comes to Champagne Hemingway stocks famous brands alongside the smallest and most exclusive producers. All in all, there's scarcely a more fitting place in the Czech capital to enjoy top quality spirits amidst a quirky and cultured atmosphere. Hemingway was suggested by Mark Baker (@markbakerprague), who runs the Central Europe Traveller blog.

4) Lokal (Dlouhá 33):

Minimalist industrial décor, generous portions of Czech cuisine and tank beer all come together in this popular Old Town Eatery. It is the first of two places suggested by Dan & Audrey (@umarket), who run the Uncornered Market blog. In their introduction Lokal make a point of stating that all their food is freshly prepared throughout the day, whether its something as simple as chopped salad with chicken breast or pork neck schnitzel fried in lard. The establishment's most striking feature is its huge steel beer tanks, proudly displayed under glass counters behind which stand smartly dressed bar tenders. Enjoy four varieties of Kozel and Pilsner Urquell with your meal, or one of their fantastic Czech wines.

5) Bredovský Dvůr (Politických vězňů 935/13):

Dan & Audrey's second recommendation is another Old Town establishment located a short distance from Wenceslas Square. Bredovský Dvůr is a classic vaulted beer hall where Pilsner Urquell is available on-tap straight from airtight tanks just 3 meters away. The warm atmosphere and seclusion of the hall makes it a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets. They also have a great lunch menu, so if you find your stomach rumbling while sightseeing give this place a look up.

6) Black Angels (Staroměstské náměstí 29):

'Travelling Manc', aka, @PragueUncovered suggested to us three places that brilliantly represent the drinks culture of Prague. The first one can be found a short walk away from the heart of the city, just down from Old Town Square. Black Angels is a fabulously decorated 1930s themed bar which beautifully exploits the Gothic and Romanesque architecture of its premises. Staff are typically dressed in authentic grab of the period, and cocktails are served with the utmost class and professionalism. Despite the 'exclusive' look of the cellar bar most of Black Angels' drinks are reasonably priced and staggeringly diverse.

7) Cloud 9 (Hilton Prague Hotel, Pobřežní 1):

Travelling Manc's second suggestion, Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge, can be found at the top of the Hilton Prague Hotel. For a fair price you can enjoy cocktails in a classy and cultured atmosphere, hear incredible live DJ's, and savour stunning panoramic views of the surrounding city. If you're off to Prague for a friends birthday or as part of any celebration, and are looking for top quality service in a cosmopolitan venue, then Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge is unlikely to disappoint. Be sure to wander onto the open-air terrace, glass in hand, and stare out across the illuminated Old Town.

8) Harley's (Dlouhá 18):

Manc's last recommendation is good for a lively night out. Harley's is a US biker-themed bar and club where the music centres around classic rock from every era. American motorcycle culture resonates off every wall and the party rages on well into the wee hours. Check out their gallery to get an idea of what's in store.

9) BeerGeek (Vinohradská 988/62):

BeerGeek, so we've been informed by Prague City Tourism (@PragueEU), is a newly opened pub dedicated to beer lovers the world over. There isn't a huge amount of information on the place as of yet, but what's for certain is that you'll scarcely find a more diverse selection of craft beers in a single Prague pub. The building is located along Vinohradská Street, just down from Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station. Check it out and let us know what you think.

10) Tretter's (V Kolkovně 3):

Prague City Tourism also recommended this family-owned cocktail bar close to the historic Jewish Quarter. The establishment has a well established reputation for quality and character, two features which have been refined over its 90 or so years of operation. The bar's rich interior harkens simultaneously to 1930s New York and Paris, and the bartenders are specially selected for their experience and attention to detail. If you're partial to a vintage champagne and a Cuban cigar, then Tretter's is the place to be.

11) Sidedoor (Korunovační 4):

The last bar on our list comes courtesy of Sam Beckwith (@sambeckwith) a Northern English writer living in Prague who runs the PraguePig culture blog. We like the location of this place, just up the road from the National Technical Museum. If you find yourself on this side of town in the later hours consider paying a visit. It's certainly a locals oriented bar with friendly staff and a simple yet top-quality drinks list.

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