CityXplora's Best Bars In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a world class city renowned for its phenomenal visitor attractions, be they marvels of high culture or quirky and indulgent novelties. At CityXplora we normally focus on the means of sightseeing and how to book the best things to do along the way, but we also recognise the ...

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Visiting Paris' Montparnasse Tower

There are many ways to see a modern city, from the glistening waters that run through its heart to the road networks that form its nervous system. Paris is one such city blessed with many perspectives, from the grand boulevard of the Champs-Élysées, to the ebbs of the ...

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Top Attractions And Places To Visit In Copenhagen

At CityXplora we've recently added Copenhagen, our newest and (at least for now) most exciting location!

The launch so far includes two products, the first is our open-top sightseeing bus tour and second is a comprehensive Copenhagen city pass card. Together they constitute a brilliant base on which to ...

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Things To Do In Six Portuguese Cities

As an international holiday destination many parts of Portugal are regularly referred to as undiscovered gems or sometimes even rising stars. These terms are not untrue, the little western Iberian country is packed full of fascinating cities and areas of outstanding natural beauty that simply don't receive as many ...

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Welcome to my Gilded Edinburgh by Donald Anderson

More so than most capitals throughout the world Edinburgh is somewhat of a gilded gateway to its home nation. It's partly due to its stunning beauty, it’s partly down to the city's reputation as an international culture hub, but it’s also because Edinburgh is a small ...

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