Budapest Hotel Pick-Up Services 2018

In 2018 most of our Budapest activities will include an optional hotel pick-up and drop-off service*. While in most cases we'd recommend public transport (Budapest has a wonderful Metro system) the chauffeur service is ideal if you need to ...

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12 Tours To Christmas - Part 4

In part 4 of our '12 Tours To Christmas', give the gift of Edinburgh to a fellow traveller by sticking a Royal Ticket in their stocking. Also consider the Barcelona Ice Bar as an inexpensive and quirky nightlife treat for ...

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12 Tours To Christmas - Part 3

If all roads lead to Rome, then the Eternal City can take you anywhere. In part 3 of our '12 Tours To Christmas', we're encouraging travellers to spend a day exploring Italy's most famous archaeological site, plus the ...

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12 Tours To Christmas - Part 2

In part 2 of our '12 Tours To Christmas' we're featuring two of our most popular activities in London and Dublin, plus another goodie from Rome that was a close second behind the Vatican Museums combo. Happy Travelling!

1 ...

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12 Tours To Christmas - Part 1

In part 1 of our '12 Tours To Christmas' we at CityXplora would like to help our customers gear up for a well-travelled New Year. If someone you know is taking a city break in 2018 we've got a ...

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10 Outdoor Summer Activities In Sydney

As the northern hemisphere begins its gradual tilt towards Autumn and Winter so too do late-term holiday makers begin their pursuit of the winter sun. An ever popular destination for English speakers is the shimmering coast of New South Wales ...

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10 Museums To Visit While In Dubai

1) Dubai Museum:

  • Where? Al Fahidi Fort.

Ever wondered how Dubai rose from an impoverished pearl hunting community to oil-rich international tourism hub? All is revealed at Al Fahidi Fort, the city's oldest surviving structure and now its premier ...

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5 Cemeteries You Have To Visit While Sightseeing

While planning this list I'd considered calling it '5 Cemeteries You Have To Visit Before You Die', but I guess that'd be a little too morbid given the subject matter.

Defiantly not one to push on a Monday ...

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10 Of The World's Best City Parks For Sightseeing

Some world cities are famous for the scale and iconicity of their skylines, others for profile of their cultural heritage. Recently, however, I’ve become slightly enamoured by urban centres that offer much in way of natural beauty. I’m ...

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6 Must-Visit Cities For European Street Art

Sometimes my sightseeing, and possibly that of many others, gets taken up by the main attractions and culinary culture of the city. Something I always mean to get around to is street art scenes. My experiences with these are limited ...

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