6 of the Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona

We love our Spanish food and drink here at CityXplora, and so it's with great delight that we unveil this list of Barcelona's 6 Best Paella Restaurants. Why Paella? This Valencian dish is highly versatile and delicious. There ...

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Escape Rooms In Amsterdam

From art galleries to coffeehouses and clubs, Amsterdam is a city renowned for its touristic diversity, and one activity that's becoming increasingly popular is Escape Rooms. But what are they exactly and how do they work?

Basically what happens ...

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Cocktail Workshops & Brewery Tours In Amsterdam

Whether it's for a hen or stag do, or just a revel around town with the boys and girls, most people's trip to the Dam will involve some sort of tipple. This time, however, why not do something ...

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Family Activities In Gozo, Malta | Fun Things To Do

Safe, small and packing a serious sense of adventure, Malta has proven itself one our favourite destinations for a European family break in 2016- a position it'll likely retain in 2017! To celebrate the best of Malta we spoke ...

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25 Beatles Sites And Activities In Liverpool

For avid fans of The Beatles or any visitor interested in Liverpool's artistic heritage, a trip around the various sites connected to the Fab 4 (or inspired by) is a must. To help inspire prospective pilgrims, we've assembled ...

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6 of the Best Paella Restaurants in Madrid

None of us are internationally renowned connoisseurs here at CityXplora, but each of us have travelled enough to know that you want to avoid most eateries located close to big attractions. No matter where it is you're visiting, you ...

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5 Must-Visit Game Of Thrones Locations In Northern Ireland

From the heart of Winterfell to the Dothraki Sea of Essos, Northern Ireland has served as the real-word backdrop for many of the locations featured in George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy saga. Belfast is home to Titanic Studios ...

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12 Fascinating Things To See At The British Museum

Enchanting Assyrian art, windows into Ancient Egypt, and Chinese treasures from the Shang to the Ming- if history's your thing it has to be the British Museum.

Last week (April 7th for those reading later in the year) myself ...

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Leonardo Da Vinci Sightseeing Locations In Milan

Think Florence's Uffizi Gallery is the be-all and end-all when it come to discovering Leonardo da Vinci? There's infinitely more to the great renaissance man than certain famous paintings let on. Take a da Vinci themed sightseeing trip ...

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