Budapest Day Trips | December 2019

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Centrally located and well connected, Budapest is an ideal staging post for discovering the rest of Hungary. Our six handpicked day trips are organised by Hungária Koncert Ltd, a local tour operator famous for their Hungarian Folk Shows and Danube River Cruises.

Budapest Day Trips, View Of Lake Balaton from Tihany.

Join one of their professional English-speaking tour guides on a journey to some of the country's most beautiful locations, and experience its thousand-year history firsthand. Visit Gödöllő Palace, explore the Danube Bend, witness a traditional Hungarian horse show, and much more.

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  • Full details of each trip can be found below:

1) Danube Bend Day Trip:

  • When? Apr, 2019 - Mar 2020 | Most days except Mondays.

Travel up the Danube River to one of the most scenic and historically important locations in Northern Hungary. On this trip to the Danube Bend you'll visit Esztergom Basilica on Castle Hill, admire stunning views from the Slovakian Border, dine next to Visegrád Castle and stroll through the streets of Szentendre.

During the summer months (June - September) this day tour will conclude with a boat ride back to Budapest. However, during the winter months or any day with low river levels you'll return via luxury coach.


2) Eger & Valley of the Beautiful Woman Day Trip:

  • When? Jun - Oct, 2019 | Tuesdays.

Eger is a city that has borne witness to every key epoch in Hungary's history, from its founding by the nation's first king (Saint Stephen I) to Mongol invasions and the turmoil of the 20th century. On this day trip you'll learn about the city's tragedies and triumphs, and how each event has shaped its character and culture.

One of the main highlights of your visit will be Eger Castle, site of two famous sieges by the Ottoman Empire, one successfully repelled, the latter ushering in a long period of Turkish rule. You'll encounter a remnant of this period in the form of Eger Minaret, the northernmost Ottoman minaret in Europe.

After exploring the rest of the city you'll stop for lunch in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman. This dense collection of traditional restaurants is centred around Eger's historic wine cellars. Your meal will be accompanied by 3 different wine varieties, including the iconic red Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood of Eger).


3) Lake Balaton Day Trip:

  • When? Jun - Sept 15, 2019 | Fridays.

A chill day by seaside may seem a distant possibility in landlocked Hungary, until you factor in the country's largest freshwater lake. Balaton is considered a prime holiday desitination on account of its pristine waters, historic resort towns and lush, hilly surroundings. On this day trip you'll first travel to the popular lakeside town of Balatonfüred, where after a brief explore you'll embark on a 1-hour sightseeing cruise.

By the time you return to dry land it'll be time for a refreshing 2-course lunch (included in the tour price), followed by a drive to the Tihany Peninsula. This scenic wedge of land boasts some of the best views across Lake Balaton. It's also home to some interesting attractions, such as the Benedictine Tihany Abbey, the Inner Lake, Paprika Shop (PaprikaHáz) and Statue of Andrew I and Anastasia.


4) Gödöllő & Lázár Equestrian Park Visit:

  • When? Jun - Oct, 2019 | Tue, Fri and Sun.

A rousing fusion of ancient and early modern, this tour captures the very essence of Hungarian culture. It starts with a trip to Gödöllő Palace, where you'll witness the pomp and splendor of Habsburg-era Hungary, then continues onto the ranch of coach driving world champions Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár.

The Lázár Brothers' 'Lovaspark' is a scenic country retreat located at the foot of the Gödöllő Hills. It offers a range of equestrian events and activities, each designed to educate and entertain. During your visit you'll be treated to a remarkable display of horsemanship by the park's resident 'csikós', traditional herdsmen from the Great Hungarian Plain. You'll also get to explore the park's trophy hall, see its native Hungarian farm animals and go on a relaxing horse and carriage ride.


5) Puszta Horse Show Day Trip:

  • When? Jun - Oct, 2019 | Mon, Wed and Sat.

The Puszta tour is an essential day out for any lover of horses and/or traditional pastoral cultures. It beings with a drive south of Budapest towards the city of Kecskemét, a place noted for its wide array of architectural styles (particularly Art Nouveau) and cultural institutions such as the Hungarian Museum of Photography and Kodály Institute.

Later you'll continue a short distance to the town of Lajosmizse, site of the ranch where you'll spend the rest of your day. Each guest is served a welcome glass of apricot pálinka before embarking on a carriage ride through the grasslands. This is followed by a theatrical horsemanship display by the csikós horsemen and a delicious 3-course lunch served with traditional gypsy music accompaniment.


6) Royal Palace Of Gödöllő Half-Day Trip:

  • When? Jun - Oct, 2019 | Tue, Fri and Sat.
  • Dec 1, 2019 - Jan 6, 2020 | Weds and Suns.
  • Mar 1 - 31, 2020 | Weds and Sats.

Take a trip back to the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and glean insights into the lives and times of its Habsburg rulers. After departing Budapest with a local English-speaking guide you'll visit Gödöllő Palace, the favoured residence of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Better known by her nickname 'Sisi', Elisabeth was a popular ruler who had a great affection for her Hungarian subjects, going so far as to learn the language.

Entry fees are included in the tour price, providing you with access to the Palace Museum and its ornate grounds. Afterwards, head along to either the Royal Waiting Room in Gödöllő railway station, or Elisabeth Park.

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