Budapest Orchestral Music Concerts 2020

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In 2020 treat yourself to one of Hungary's most unique and exciting cultural spectacles. Throughout the year, Danube Palace on Budapest's Zrínyi Street plays host to a range of orchestral folk and gala concerts, with optional services such as hotel pick-up/drop-off and dinner cruises also available.

St. Stephen's Basilica is where you'll find the city's famed organ concerts, available most Thursdays from March until December.

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Why See A Music Concert In Budapest?

Budapest Orchestral Music Concerts

Music and dance are an integral part of Hungary's national identity. Taken together, these art forms reveal a historical matrix of ideas and influences that have shaped not only its musical heritage, but its culture as a whole.

Having originated from the steppes of north-central Eurasia, the Magyars absorbed much from the people they encountered as they migrated westwards towards their eventual home in the Carpathian Basin. Distant connections have been identified to the music of Uralic/East Asian peoples by ethnomusicologists such as Zoltán Kodály, himself an accomplished composer alongside other native musicians like Béla Bartók and Franz Liszt.

Kodály and Bartók are particularly notable for their promotion of traditional Hungarian folk music, and its suffusion with the classical, romantic and modernist styles of Western European music. This work, together with that of their contemporaries and students, has given Hungary one of the world's most unique and refined orchestral scenes.

Danube Palace Concerts:

Danube Palace Interior

Danube Palace is one Budapest's premier venues for traditional folk dance shows and symphonic gala concerts. Seating is generally separated into four categories: Category I, II, III and VIP. You may reserve the category of your choice and even pair it with a handy hotel pick-up/drop-off service (€14 extra).


1) Hungarian Folk Dance Shows:

Hungarian Folk Dance Show In Budapest

Danube Palace's Folk Dance performances showcase the very best in traditional Hungarian dance and music. The performers are professionals from some of the country's most respected arts institutions: The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and the Rajkó Folk Ensemble. Full information and prices can be found by following the booking links below.

  • Pricing | Adults from €24.00.


2) Gala Concerts:

Budapest Gala Concerts

Danube Palace's Gala Concerts are a captivating whirlwind of colour, sight and sound, where the myriad of influences on Hungarian performing arts coalesce. You'll be treated to a 2-part show featuring Operatic, Classical, Gypsy and Hungarian Folk elements. Feel the rhythm and energy of a symphonic orchestra, interspersed by rousing adaptions of Hungarian folk songs, operetta and ballet dances.

  • Pricing | Adults from €34.00.


St. Stephen's Basilica Organ Concerts:

St Stephen's Basilica Organ Concert

As well as being one of the most visually spectacular buildings in Hungary, St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest hosts mesmerising organ concerts each Thursday from March till December. They're led by the world-class organist Milkós Teleki, with arias provided by Kolos Kováts, one of the most famous concert and oratorio singers in Hungary. The flute artist is Eleonóra Krusic, famed for her performances with various international orchestras, from Barcelona to Zürich, Graz and Vienna.

  • Pricing | Adults from €20.00.
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