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CityXplora have recently partnered with new Copenhagen-based day tour provider Enjoy The Tours DK to offer three excursions covering Zealand and southern Sweden.

Themes on each of the tours include: Viking sites and history, Shakespeare's Hamlet, Henning Mankell's Wallander (TV & Novels) plus contemporary Scandinavian culture.

Elsinore & Southern Sweden Day Tour:

Hamlet's Castle and Sweden Day Tour

Immerse yourself in one of Shakespeare's most famous works on this full day tour to Hamlet's Castle. After leaving leaving Copenhagen in an eco-friendly bus you'll travel up the coastal Strandvejen road towards Helsingør, known in English as Elsinore.

Entry to the castle is at your own expense, but you'll have plenty of time to explore it if you so wish. Otherwise, you're free to walk around and absorb the atmosphere of Elsinore, both medieval and modern. Afterwards, you'll take a vehicle ferry across the Øresund to Sweden, following the picturesque country roads to the ancient city of Lund. Use your time here to visit Lund Cathedral and explore beautiful, cobbled 18th century streets.

The last major stop is Malmö, Sweden's third largest city. In addition to numerous museums Malmö is notable for the 54-story Turning Torso skyscraper. It's based on a sculpture by Santiago Calatrava and is built in the neo-futurist architectural style for which he is well known. While it's not possible to enter the tower on this tour there are plenty of other things to do and places to see in Malmö. The city is a great place to go shopping due to Sweden's lower VAT rates.

Leaving Malmö, you'll return to Copenhagen via the iconic Øresund Bridge.

Viking Sites Day Tour (Limited 2018):

Viking Sites Day Tour From Copenhagen

  • Currently Unavailable.

On this day tour you'll travel to the Vikingeborgen ring-fortress near the Zealand coastal town of Køge. First discovered in 2014, Danish archaeologists returned to the site in early 2018 to begin extensive excavation work. Their efforts so far have lead to the creation of the Vikingeborgen Welcome Centre.

The centre consists of a panoramic viewing platform overlooking the entire excavation. From atop the platform you'll get an impression of the sheer scale of this hitherto unknown castle, now though to be one of the largest structures of the Viking era. Beneath the platform is a set of shipping containers displaying archaeological finds from the dig site, such as jewellery, armour and weapons.

The temporary feel of the centre reflects the fact that it will only be available in 2018, after which time it will be dismantled and the excavation site returned to its original state as a field. Join this limited-availability day tour for once-in-a-lifetime insights into this incredible Viking monument.

Later in the tour you'll visit the 3,900 year old Tomb of Om, a burial site not unlike Newgrange in Ireland or Skara Brae in Scotland.

Finally you'll arrive at Slagløse, a recreated Viking village built around Trelleborg Fortress. Here you'll experience proper living history with the help of costumed reenactors, live displays and a collection of artefacts dating from the time of King Harald Bluetooth.

Wallander & Viking Sites Day Tour:

Wallander and Viking Sites Day Tour

  • Currently Unavailable.

Travel across the Øresund Bridge through the lush countryside of southern Sweden. As you make your way towards the town of Ystad there will be regular stops to see Viking rune stones and burial mounds. Your guide will talk you through the religious and or cultural significance of each one. Normally the Vikings and their ancestors created rune stones to mark significant events, demarcate territory or honour an important person/god.

Eventually you'll arrive in Ystad, an unlikely hotbed of murder and intrigue, at least if you follow the writings of author Henning Mankell, creator of police inspector Kurt Wallander. Whether you're familiar with the series or not doesn't mean you won't appreciate the slower pace of life in this charming Skåne country town, where many of the buildings date back to the 16th century.

Next you'll dive back into the Bronze age with a visit to Kåseberga fishing village. Kåseberga is located right at the doorstep of the 'Sunship', an ancient stone ring resembling Stonehenge. There will be time to admire the megalith plus grab a bite to eat in one of the village's renowned cafes. Finally, take a trip to 16th century Svaneholm Castle before returning to Copenhagen.

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