Escape Rooms In Amsterdam

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From art galleries to coffeehouses and clubs, Amsterdam is a city renowned for its touristic diversity, and one activity that's becoming increasingly popular is Escape Rooms. But what are they exactly and how do they work?

Basically what happens is that a group of participants (usually 2 to 6) are locked in a room and must escape. To do this they need to gather a set of clues then solve a series of puzzles. Most often the puzzles are based around a theme, such as a zombie apocalypse or a crime scene.

A complete session lasts approximately one hour, depending on the difficulty level. They're a great laugh and no two are ever exactly the same. So before heading out for night on the town consider giving one of these 10 escape rooms in Amsterdam a go. The main advantage is that they're a group activity; something you can do with 2 to 6 of your friends or family members. Doesn’t that sound really cool?


10 Escape Rooms In Amsterdam:


1) Escape World Amsterdam | This Is The Ideal Challenge:

With not 1, but 4 fun escape games spread across various rooms, Escape World Amsterdam on Waterlooplein is one of the city's most immersive attractions. True to its name, each zone is based around a specific theme. These mini worlds are brought to life through immersive set-pieces, exciting storytelling and fiendish objectives. What will be the outcome of your adventure? That's for you and a brave group of friends to decide!

Think your squad could solve the mystery of the Cabin in the Woods before becoming its next victims? Or you may find yourselves in a race to escape the legendary Flying Dutchman, before Davy Jones finds out you've been rummaging through his locker! Each room varies in difficulty from mildly challenging to devilishly hard. What's guaranteed, however, is that you'll all have a great, unforgettable time.

Escape World Amsterdam

2) Logic Locks | Not For The Faint-Hearted:

This game requires a group of 3 to 7 fast-thinking individuals. Participants are trapped in a 19th century study chamber chock-full of mysteries. They should be able to solve puzzles, gather information and understand secret meanings. The participants need to be playful and really curious. Keeping in mind that there is only 63 minutes, participants have to really work together and use one another’s strengths to succeed. Thinking outside the box and getting the hidden jewel is the answer.

Logic Locks Escape Room Amsterdam

3) Sherlocked | Mystery Investigation & Immersive Break-In:

This game takes place in an old room of the iconic Beurs van Berlage. Honestly speaking, it is a landmark. The room is said to be the office of architect Hendrik Berlage, and has been left in a preserved state since his death in 1934. Participants are tasked with unlocking the many mysteries of the room and Berlage’s life within an hour so as to leave the room. Participants should brain storm to be able to be successful.

Sherlocked Escape Room Amsterdam

4) Claustrophobia Escape Room | Make Sure You Escape The Room!

Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own movie? Claustrophobia gives you the opportunity to experience this but in reality. This is an escape room I had heard so much about and just had to try it for myself. I gathered a few friends and we headed into Amsterdam to give it a go.

Once we got there, we were told that we were supposed to help a girl that has been trapped in a nightmare. Sounds creepy, right? That’s what we thought. Creativity and teamwork were what helped us in this journey. The riddles and puzzles that we came across were mind-blowing and unexpected. The more we advanced, the more intense it got. We did it in 57:23. So close! All-in-all, it was super fun.

Claustrophobia Escape Room Amsterdam

5) Save Amsterdam | A Real-Life Room Escape:

Jack and I assembled a couple of our friends and decided to try out a room escape game. Save Amsterdam was our choice. In this, you are supposed to escape a room and save Amsterdam from zombies. Just before we entered we were given a brief description of what to expect and with that we were good to go. Some of the puzzles were easy while others were hard.

The advantage was that we had many brains to solve the riddles. Just as advised, all you need is basic language skills. The challenging part is that you need to dust off your math skills. The motion sensors and special effects in the room were just awesome. We managed to finish in 47:09, which is a good, solid time. I'd recommend this escape room for newbies.

Save Amsterdam Escape Room

6) Xitroom | Are You A Genius?

The setting of this game is described as an old office owned by Professor X. As soon as all participants enter the room, the door automatically closes. Despite the fact that Professor X is a genius, he has a lot of secrets. To get out of this room participants need to solve all of his mysteries. They will be taken back in time to look for clues hidden by the Professor. He enjoyed ancient art from all over the world, and used mysterious notes and cryptic clues to hide his secrets. Participants have to figure all of these out within one hour in order to leave.

Xitroom Escape Room Amsterdam

7) Room Of Riddles | Perfect Team Building Exercise:

The purpose of this game is to help people to work as a team. By solving a number of challenging riddles, you and your friends will unlock the code to a numeric safe containing the key to the room. Some of these challenges are exciting and super hilarious. To solve them, no special knowledge is needed. All you need to do is follow the hints, crack the codes and work as a team. Managers and sports coaches sometimes use this game to analyse how their groups behave and what special skills they have.

Room Of Riddles Amsterdam

8) Zombie Escape | Escape The Room To Escape The Undead!

Just as the name suggests, you must combine the clues given in order to escape this gory, zombie-themed room. This should all be done within an hour, and the concept is quite simple. You and your partners are sealed in an abandoned laboratory with the threat of the ravenous undead looming constant. You have to solve all the riddles presented so as to avoid the consequences of inaction! 8 people can participate in this game at any given time.

Zombie Escape Room Amsterdam

9) Escape Through Time | From Past To Present:

Time travel is finally a reality! You will be transported back to 1941 to meet the Dutch resistance. Your goal is to retrieve a painting said to have been stolen by the Germans during the war. Once you and your group have retrieved the painting you should immediately return to the present, taking care not to tamper with the past while doing so. Bare in mind that you are chasing the conclusion, be sure to solve all the puzzles and crack codes before your time elapses.

Escape Through Time Amsterdam

10) Time Trip Escape Room | Jungle Survival Room:

With a room designed in such an extraordinarily unique way, your problem solving skills will be tested to the core. All the tricky puzzles should be cracked in less than an hour. The scenario posits that a group of mad scientists have placed a bomb in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. This means the fauna and vegetation are at risk. Once the area is ruined they intend to build a huge laboratory for doing animal experiments. You are to assume the role of a special forces team tasked with finding the bomb and deactivating it. All the pressure is on your crew, you have one hour, and time is ticking!

Time Trip Escape Room Amsterdam

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