Game of Thrones Tours in Northern Ireland

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Ardent fans of HBO's Game of Thrones owe it to themselves to visit Northern Ireland at least once in their lives. Most of the series' principle outdoor scenes (especially those set in Westeros) were shot in the forests and fields of this remarkable country. In fact most of what you see on-screen has some connection to the country, even indoor segments which are shot at Titanic Studios in Belfast.

Many tour operators offer fantastic guided tours of Game of Thrones' Northern Irish filming locations, so to help categorise each one we've created this list of 20 excursions and activities. Experiences range from 1-day coach tours to archery sessions, bike trips, boat trips and even helicopter flights over key locations.

Coach Tours From Belfast:

The following day tours (1-10) are conducted both on-foot and by luxury coach. They have fixed departure points throughout Belfast and regular departures most days of the year.


1) Game of Thrones Film Locations Tour:

  • When & Where? - Departs Glengall Street at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45), or request hotel pick-up.
  • Operator - Irish Tour Tickets Ltd.
  • Cost - Adults from £30.
  • Booking Details - View Here.

Irish Tour Tickets' popular Game of Thrones day tour will be operating every day during 2018 - with guaranteed departures regardless of passenger numbers. So why not acquaint yourself with the real-world Westeros this Summer?

The experience covers some of the most iconic Northern Irish locations that have featured in HBO's hit fantasy TV series. Pass Titanic Studios, where the bulk of the episodes are shot; visit Carnlough Village, whose harbour stood in for the waterways of Braavos, and walk among the limestone cliffs of Larrybane, where Renly Baratheon's military camp was located.

Belfast Game of Thrones Filming Locations Tour by Irish Tour Tickets

Shore Excursion Option | View Here:

Like Daenerys making landfall on the shores beneath Dragonstone, make your landing in Belfast a foray into the real-world Westeros. See first-hand the stunning scenery that served as the backdrop to HBO’s flagship series when you join this unforgettable shore excursion to some of Northern Ireland's Game of Thrones filming locations.

Note: The shore excursion option has a different departure location and time from that stated above.

2) Belfast Winterfell Locations Trek:

  • When & Where? - Departs Chichester Street at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45).
  • Operator - Game of Thrones Tour Ltd.
  • Cost - Adults from £50.

This full day tour covers key outdoor filming locations across the lower half of Northern Ireland. After departing Belfast you'll embark on a scenic drive down the east coast of Strangford Lough. This route will eventually take you to the town of Portaferry, where (weather permitting) a ferry will shuttle the group across to the village of Strangford.

Strangford is just a stones throw away from Castle Ward Estate, whose structures and grounds formed the basis of Winterfell Castle. Disembark with your guide and explore the full set on an exciting 3km walk, followed afterwards by lunch at The Cuan pub back in Strangford.

The second trek takes place in Tollymore Forest Park, where numerous woodland scenes north to the wall were filmed, as well as the discovery of the direwolf pups by the Starks. Other highlights you can expect on this tour include a costumed photo shoot at Inch Abbey and a spectacular ride through the Mourne mountains.

Winterfell Locations Trek by GoT Tours Ltd

3) Iron Islands, Giant's Causeway & Rope Bridge Adventure:

  • When & Where? - Departs Chichester Street at 08:00 (arrive for 07:45).
  • Operator - Game of Thrones Tour Ltd.
  • Cost - Adults from £50.

This coach tour through the glens and coast of Antrim includes two 2km walks as well as a crossing of the famous Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and a stop at the Giant’s Causeway. Important Game of Thrones locations include: Cushendun Caves (where Melisandre births the shadow assassin), Ballintoy Harbour (where Davos sends Gendry off in a rowboat), and Larrybane (Renly Baratheon's camp and the Iron Islands Kingsmoot).

Iron Islands & Giant's Causeway And Rope Bridge Adventure

4) Iron Islands, Giant's Causeway & Castle Adventure:

  • When & Where? - Departs Chichester Street at 08:00 (arrive for 07:45).
  • Operator - Game of Thrones Tour Ltd.
  • Cost - Adults from £50.

This day tour visits most of the same locations as no. 3, except instead of crossing Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge you'll explore the ruins of 16th century Dunluce Castle with your guide. Dunluce stood in for Harrenhal during the latter's on-screen debut.

Iron Islands & Giant's Causeway And Castle Adventure

5) Tour of Thrones - Winterfell Experience:

  • When & Where? - Belfast City Centre at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45).
  • Operator - Quinns Coach Hire.
  • Cost - Adults from £35.
  • Note - This tour is open to group bookings only. A minimum of 16 passengers will be charged.

Following a similar route to no. 2, this scaled-down tour visits many of the same locations, i.e. Castle Ward, Tollymore Forest and Inch Abbey. Another site you'll visit is Quoile Pond, where Hoster Tully's body was cast off down the Trident River after his death at the Battle of the Blackwater. Lunch is not included in the tour price though there will be a stop for food in Downpatrick. On the return leg of the tour you'll pass the Paint Hall Studios, where most of Game of Thrones' indoor scenes are arranged and shot.

Tour of Thrones Winterfell Experience

6) Tour of Thrones - Stormlands Tour:

  • When & Where? - Belfast City Centre at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45).
  • Operator - Quinns Coach Hire.
  • Cost - Adults from £35.
  • Note - This tour is open to group bookings only. A minimum of 16 passengers will be charged.

Similar to coach tour no. 1, this full day trip takes you to The Dark Hedges, Ballintoy Harbour/Beach, Larrybane and more.

Tour of Thrones Stormlands Tour

7) Game of Thrones Northern Locations with Giant’s Causeway:

  • When & Where? - Visit Belfast Tourist Office, 9 Donegall Square, Belfast, BT1 5GJ at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45).
  • Operator - Brit Movie Tours.
  • Cost - Adults from £35.

This is another full day excursion to the Game of Thrones filming locations north of Belfast. In addition to Carnlough, Carrick-a-Rede/Larrybane, Dunluce Castle and more, you'll stop for lunch in the town of Ballycastle. Ballycastle is notable for the being the home of actors Conleth Hill (Varys) and Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark). It seems Northern Ireland's connection to Game of Thrones even extends to the cast!

Your tour guide is fully versed in the lore and narrative of George R.R. Martin's fantasy world, something which you can test yourself on with the Game of Thrones quiz provided aboard the bus.

GoT Northern Locations by Brit Movie Tours

8) Game of Thrones Southern Locations with Castle Ward:

  • When & Where? - Visit Belfast Tourist Office at 09:15 (arrive for 09:00) on selected Saturdays from Mar-Dec, 2018.
  • Operator - Brit Movie Tours.
  • Cost - Adults from £40.

In addition to over 10 filming sites from series 1-7, this Brit Movie Tours excursion takes you to the burial site of St Patrick - Ireland’s Patron Saint. Your guide will be someone who was personally involved in the filming of the TV series, and they'll have a wealth of reference material on-hand to fully contextualise each site visited. Highlights include: Castle Ward Estate, King Robb’s Camp and Tollymore Forest.

GoT Southern Locations with Castle Ward by Brit Movie Tours

9) McComb's Game of Thrones Tour:

  • When & Where? - 22 Donegall Road at 08:30 or Glengall Street at 08:45.
  • Operator - McComb's Coach Travel.
  • Cost - Adults from £35.

McComb's offer a comprehensive journey around Antrim's Game of Thrones filming locations. Throughout production of the series they were the official transport provider of the cast and crew, lending their staff unique insider knowledge and one-of-a-kind anecdotes. One of their journeys in 2017 even featured a surprise cameo by Hodor himself - Kristian Nairn.

McCombs Game of Thrones Coach Tour

10) Stones And Thrones Westeros Tour:

  • When & Where? - 9 Donegall Square North at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45).
  • Operator - Belfast City Tours.
  • Cost - Adults from £35.

The sweeping vistas of the North and other notable Westeros locations are the order of the day on this full day adventure. Your first stop after departing Belfast is the village Carncastle, behind which stretches the rugged landscape surrounding Slemish. The scenery will conjure images from as early as episode 1, all the way through to seasons 6 & 7.

Afterwards, you'll proceed onto Carnlough, Larrybane, Ballintoy Harbour and most of the other iconic Antrim filming locations.

Stones And Thrones Westeros Tour From Belfast

Coach/Mini-Van Tours From Other Northern Ireland Locations:

Belfast pick-up is available for the following tours (11-13), but their schedules lack a specific departure location in the capital.


11) Glenara Game of Thrones Tour:

  • When & Where? - 3 Railway Place, Coleraine BT52 1PQ at 09:30 every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Operator - Glenara Elite Travel.
  • Cost - Adults from £40.
  • Note - Belfast pick-ups are available at an extra £10pp.

Glenara Elite Travel operate this luxury 1-day Game of Thrones tour every Tuesday and Friday. You'll experience two photo stops, one at Ballintoy Harbour (Lordsport of the Iron Islands) and The Dark Hedges (Kingsroad). Your stay at the other locations will last up to an hour, except Giant's Causeway where you'll spend 2 hours.

Walk along Downhill Beach and gaze up at Mussenden Temple. In the TV series this dramatic stretch of coast represented Dragonstone Beach, where Melisandre burned the effigies of the New Gods and converted Stannis to the Lord of Light. Your stay at Dragonstone is followed by a trip to: Dunluce Castle, Giant’s Causeway, 'Pyke', Carrick-N-Rede Rope Bridge and finally The Dark Hedges.

Glenara Game of Thrones Tour

12) Game of Thrones Doors & Food Tour:

  • When & Where? - Tours run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 16:30. Specify desired pick-up location at time of booking.
  • Operator - Glenara Elite Travel.
  • Cost - Adults from £55.
  • Note - A minimum booking of 4 people is required for this tour, but no more than 16.

Think of this next tour a pub crawl across the Real World Westeros - one with a foodie and art-lovers' twist. Travelling with a local guide you'll visit four traditional Northern Irish pubs each featuring one of the ten intricately carved wooden doors produced during the filming of season 6.

A complimentary platter of locally produced fare is offered up at each location, along with the occasional tipple of ale! As you sample these treats your guide will explain the imagery behind the woodworks, pointing out their position and relevance to the story. The exact pubs you'll visit are: Owens Bar, Fullerton Arms, Gracehill House and Mary McBrides Bar.

Game of Thrones Doors And Food Tour By Glenara Elite Travel

13) Giant Tours Ireland - North Coast & Antrim Glens Filming Locations:

  • When & Where? - The Diamond, Ballycastle, BT54 6AW at 09:00 (arrive for 08:45).
  • Operator - Giant Tours Ireland.
  • Cost - Adults from £75.
  • Note - This is a small group tour by VW Transporter.

In addition to a full day's overview of Northern Ireland's most photogenic Thrones locations, each Giant Tours excursion is led by 'Flip', an actor who stood in Hodor in The Door and Gregor Clegane in Oathbreaker and The Winds of Winter. His experiences on-set have given him a wealth of insider knowledge and anecdotes, which he's ready to share with visitors from across the world.

Giant Tours Game of Thrones North Coast And Antrim Locations

Outside Belfast - Without Pick-Up Service:

The following activities (14-18) are operated by Peak Discovery Ltd. Think of them as the real-life Wardens of the North in that, together with the National Trust, they offer the finest tours and experiences of Winterfell Castle. The seat of House Stark is located on the 850 acre demesne of Castle Ward, an 18th century estate situated in County Down, Northern Ireland. HBO's locations scouts chose the area for its authentic fortifications, lush open spaces and ample woodland.

Transport to and from Belfast is not included on any of these activities, so you will either have to drive yourself or use public transport.


14) Winterfell Castle Archery & Movie Set Experience (Bran Package):

  • Where? Winterfell Castle & Demesne, Old Castle Ward, Park Rd, Downpatrick BT30 7LS.
  • When? 10:00 on selected dates - see list in description.
  • Operator - Peak Discovery Ltd (Winterfell Tours).
  • Cost - Adults from £29.

Think your archery skills are up to scratch? Put them to the test at the actual archery range film set in Winterfell Castle courtyard. Led by a costumed master-at-arms you'll have an opportunity to prove that you're less Bran and more Arya Stark. Don't worry if you've never shot an arrow before, the full experience lasts around 50 minutes and you'll be shown the strings by an expert instructor.

Winterfell Castle Game of Thrones Archery Experience

15) GoT Filming Locations Cycle Tour Of Castle Ward Demesne:

  • Where? Winterfell Castle & Demesne, Old Castle Ward, Park Rd, Downpatrick BT30 7LS.
  • When? 10:00 to 12:30 or 13:00 to 15:30. Also, 15:30 to 18:00 from Apr - Sept.
  • Operator - Peak Discovery Ltd (Winterfell Tours).
  • Cost - Adults from £38.

Set off on your own two wheels and discover the Game of Thrones filming locations that no coach can reach. It begins with a short Winterfell Castle orientation tour by the site's master-at-arms. After getting your bearings you will be issued with a bicycle, cloaks, a printed map and a digital iPad guide showing all the principle filming locations around the Castle Ward Demesne.

This is a self-guided activity lasting 2.5 hours and covering approximately 4km. See where Arya's direwolf Nymeria attacks Joffrey Baratheon, the climbing wall Bran scales in episode 1, Jaime Lannister's cage at Robb's Camp, and over 15 other locations.

Game of Thrones Cycle Tour of Castle Ward Demesne

16) The Narrow Sea’ Boat Voyage:

  • Where? Port of Strangford.
  • When? Date and time arranged upon booking.
  • Operator - Peak Discovery Ltd (Winterfell Tours).
  • Cost - £395 for boat hire seating up to 9 people.

Plenty of Game of Thrones locations tours skirt shore of Strangford Lough, but like a glory-hungry Ironborn this 1.5-hour voyage lets you conquer Westeros one enemy of Cersei at a time. Accompanied by a professional guide you'll sail the Narrow Sea and pass the site of the Red Wedding, Dreadfort Castle, Hoster Tully's Viking-style funeral and much more.

Narrow Sea Cruise Northern Ireland by Winterfell Tours

17) Game of Thrones Overnight Glamping Experience:

  • Where? Winterfell Castle & Demesne, Old Castle Ward, Park Rd, Downpatrick BT30 7LS.
  • When? Date and time arranged upon booking.
  • Operator - Peak Discovery Ltd (Winterfell Tours).
  • Cost - £250 for two people.

This overnight stay in the forests of Winterfell includes the archery experience and filming locations cycle tour. Though the night is dark and full of terrors you'll be perfectly safe from White Walkers and the like in your warm, comfy glamping pod.

Game of Thrones Glamping Experience Northern Ireland

18) Meet the Direwolves:

  • Where? Winterfell Castle & Demesne, Old Castle Ward, Park Rd, Downpatrick BT30 7LS.
  • When? Date and time arranged upon booking.
  • Operator - Peak Discovery Ltd (Winterfell Tours).
  • Cost - Only available in combination with other Winterfell experiences.

Not every actor in Game of Thrones spoke the Common Tongue or even walked on two legs for that matter (and we're not about Bran). Odin and Thor are two Northern Inuit dogs who played Summer and Grey Wind respectively. These real-life direwolves were chosen for their striking looks and placid nature, ideal for the actors portraying the younger Stark siblings. Note that 'Meet the Direwolves' cannot be booked as a standalone activity.

Meet the Direwolves Experience by Winterfell Tours

GoT Tours By Helicopter & Boat:

Looking for something completely different? These two activities give you a ravens-eye view of the real world Westeros as well as a coastal voyage via the Narrow Sea.


19) Game of Thrones Tour - Iron Island Adventure:

  • Where? Derry City Airport.
  • Operator - Cutting Edge Helicopters Ltd.
  • Cost - £225 per person.
  • Note - A single helicopter seats up to 4 people (1 pilot plus 3 passengers).

Definitely pricier than the non-private day tour options, but then again everything in aviation is. The Iron Island Adventure by Cutting Edge Helicopters is an hour long rotary sightseeing trip that offers the ultimate perspective on Northern Ireland's Game of Thrones filming locations.

You and up to 3 other people will cruise over Binevenagh (Dothraki Grasslands), Portstewart Strand (Coast of Dorne), Downhill Strand (Dragonstone), and other breathtaking backdrops featured throughout the series.

As far as transport options go Olenna Tyrell's sage advice to Daenerys comes to mind: "...The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You're a dragon. Be a dragon."

Game of Thrones Helicopter Tour Iron Islands Adventure

20) Game of Thrones Boat Trip:

  • Where? 14 Portmore Road, Portstewart, BT55 7BE. Specify desired pick-up location at time of booking.
  • Operator - Aquaholics Ltd.
  • Cost - Adults from £50 per person.
  • Note - A minimum booking of 6 people is required for this tour, but no more than 12.

Ply the coastal filming locations of Northern Ireland on this 4-5 hour oceanic sightseeing trip. Departing Portstewart Harbour you'll visit the real life Lordsport (Ballintoy) and Larrybane Bay, plus Murlough Bay and Fair Head, where Davos Seaworth was shipwrecked after the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

Aquaholics Game of Thrones Boat Trip

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