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Frankfurt's culinary scene offers the best of two worlds. As Germany's cosmopolitan business hub there's an ample supply of high-class restaurants serving fine international dishes, but wander for any length of time in the Altstadt or Sachsenhausen districts and you'll encounter an incredible array of traditional Hessian eateries. I messaged a handful figures in the travel community who've experienced Frankfurt and asked which of the city's restaurants they'd most recommend to a prospective sightseer. Check out their expert suggestions below.


1, Roomers (Gutleutstrasse 65, 60329 Frankfurt):

I was notified of the first eatery in this list by writer, photographer and award winning travel blogger Matt Long via Twitter (@LandLopers). I'm starting off with Matt's suggestion not just because he was the first to provide a recommendation, but because it contrasts nicely with the next three establishments.

Roomers is a top-class restaurant located within the 5-star 'Design Hotel' of the same name. The building itself lies just south of the Hauptbahnhof close to the banks of the River Main. Whether by means of its fine international menu or classy atmosphere Roomers is a place that encapsulates Frankfurt's cosmopolitan elements. It's a stunning venue for business lunches, romantic candle-lit dinners, and any kind of special event that calls for refined dishes for the highest quality.

In addition to the main dining area Roomers also have a couple a scenic alternatives. The Private Skyline is their most expensive option, a 5-course seasonal dinner with complimentary wines in a lounge that looks out across the towering Frankfurt business district skyline. During colder months, tables in the Winter Garden & Terrace become available for bookings, allowing you to enjoy your meal beneath a spectacular heated canopy in the ambient atmosphere of wintertime. My recommendation- if it fits in with your itinerary- would be the Sunday Dinner, which gets you a 3-course meal in sleek surroundings for 29.00 Euros.

2, Atschel Applewine Restaurant (Wallstraße 7, 60594 Frankfurt):

Towards the eastern end of Sachsenhausen is an old town restaurant that serves some of the most renowned traditional German cuisine in Frankfurt. Atschel is a beautifully rustic establishment that was suggested by professional food blogger, photographer and traveller Giulia Mulè via Twitter (@mulia).

You'll enter into a lively wood-panelled tavern where pretty stoneware jugs hang above the bar, flowers embellish the walls and chalkboards proclaim the daily fare. Their speciality beverage is apple wine, which can be purchased for around 1.80 Euros and enjoyed alongside a mouthwatering stack of hearty grub. I'd either be ordering up the double frankfurters with sauerkraut and bread, or 'Boiled ox-breast-fillet with green herb sauce and potatoes.

During the warmer months you might want to pull up a seat on the summer terrace, where that chilly glass of apfelwein will really work its magic.

3, Kleinmarkthalle (Hasengasse 5, 60311 Frankfurt):

Not a restaurant or gastropub as such, but this attracted me to the Kleinmarkthalle all the more. This indoor food market located right in the heart of the Altstadt was suggested by British food writer Christie Dietz via Twitter (@asausagehastwo), who specialises in German cuisine.

Constructed during the glass and steel architectural craze of the late 1800's Frankfurt's Kleinmarkthalle has evolved into a bustling space where locals, visitors and businesses alike go to sample and purchase the city's widest selection of fresh produce and meat. There's over 60 stalls selling everything from cheese and bread to fish and spices. On Friday's and Saturdays the fish can even be seen swimming in their tiled enclosures, oblivious to the buyers who arrive each day to pick them out for the plate.

As fresh as everything is at the Kleinmarkthalle you needn't worry about cooking it yourself. Upstairs is a restaurant called the "Markt Stubb", which offers up excellent value German dishes in a fantastic local atmosphere. The Kleinmarkthalle is open Mon-Fri (08:00-18:00) and Saturdays (08:00-16:00).

4, Apfelweinwirtschaft Adolf Wagner (Schweizer Straße 71, 60594 Frankfurt):

Our last recommendation takes us back to the Sachsenhausen district to another traditional apple wine restaurant. Apfelwein Wagner was suggested by food and travel blogger Daryl Schmidt via Twitter (@DarylSchmidt) for the quality of its classic dishes and the unique attention paid to its apple wine.

As a passionate family run business that's been operating since 1902 the Wagner's reputation extends well beyond its Frankfurt premises. Strong connections to apple growers allow it to select the finest produce with which to make its wine. The resulting "Ebbelwoi" is served up in stoneware pitchers and poured into custom gerippte glasses.

At the end of a day spent the exploring the museums along Schaumainkai take a stroll down Schweizer Straße and grab yourself a plate of pork schnitzel, rindswurst, grilled rippchen, or a choice of vegetarian meals.

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