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Blog » Hitler's Bavaria - Still a beauty after the beasts.

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'Munich loves you', so goes the motto of Bavaria's capital. On one hand this flourishing city is a quintessential bastion of German culture while on the other it is home to some of the nation's most unique customs. Bavaria as a whole stands out from the rest of Germany, particularly in terms of religious alignment, dialect and tradition. Munich is a synthesis of these deviations, which are visible today in its top attractions. Visit the BMW headquarters, Frauenkirche and more.

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Hitler's Bavaria - Still a beauty after the beasts.

Munich, Nuremberg and Berchtesgaden have long been associated with the horrific legacy of the National Socialist party. Munich was the birthplace and power epicentre of the Nazis, Nuremberg their rally ground and Berchtesgaden, the beautiful alpine retreat of Hitler and his henchmen where dark plans were hatched amongst the stunning slopes of the Bavarian Alps.

With the opening in April 2015 of the new state of the art NS Museum in Munich, chronicling the rise and fall of the Nazi party, Bavaria is ready to officially accept its Nazi past as a part of world history.

Andy Mossack, Managing Editor of travels to these three icons of Nazi power to find out what, if anything, is left standing from those dark days and uncovers more than a few surprises.

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