Madeira Jeep Safari Tours 2020

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Thinking of taking a trip to Madeira? If you intend to stay more than a day then a Jeep Safari is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful Portuguese island.

All of our Madeira Jeep excursions are operated by Green Devil Safari, a passionate and experienced team of local tour guides/drivers. There's eight trips to choose from, each showcasing a different part of the island and its unique culture. Whichever option you choose you'll be treated to stunning views, nature walks and maybe even the odd tasting.

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Madeira Jeep Tours:

Madeira Jeep Tours By Green Devil Safari.

Have a browse below and pick an adventure that suits you. Inspirational sights and activities that await include the abundant fauna of the green valleys, Madeira's only water operated sawmill, a 19th century rum factory, volcanic swimming pools, and much more.

Hotel pick-up is free of charge for those staying in Funchal, Caniço and Câmara de Lobos. Please check the 'Book Now' section of the individual tour pages for additional pricing information.


1) Southwest 4x4 Tour - Craters of Fire:

Southwest Madeira Jeep Safari

  • Price: Adults from €48.

Travel west of Funchal along Madeira's south coast on this full day Jeep Safari tour. Along the way you'll drive through beautiful seaside parishes, each one a picture postcard of whitewashed buildings perched on lush, green cliff sides.

The terrain here is exceptionally steep, a fact that will become all the more apparent as you veer north into the terraced hills. Here Madeiran farmers have cultivated sugar cane, bananas and raised cattle for generations. You may even encounter a few native bovines along the dirt roads! Various stops will give you a chance to stretch your legs and enjoy breathtaking views from atop the valleys.

Later in the tour you'll stop for lunch (not included) in the town of Prazeres, before heading through the Jardim do Mar towards Calheta Rum Factory for a sample of the sweet local spirit.


2) Northwest 4x4 Tour - Enchanted Terraces:

Northwest Madeira Jeep Safari

  • Price: Adults from €48.

One of Green Devil Safari's most popular excursions, the Enchanted Terraces tour is a showcase of Madeira's remarkable biodiversity in all its glory. Starting in the Serra D’Água parish of Ribeira Brava, you'll travel by open-top Jeep through the winding roads of Madeira's wooded highlands. This trail culminates in the 1,500 meter high plateau of Paul da Serra, a flat, bushy landscape not unlike the moorlands of Northern Europe.

From Paul da Serra the road descends west through forested hillsides, where there will be an opportunity to get out on-foot and explore one the local nature trails. The tour's high point is the coastal municipality of Porto Moniz, home to the famous volcanic rock pools. Remember to pack your swimwear, as guests are invited to take a dip in the clear ocean waters.

The Northwest Safari concludes with lunch in Seixal parish (not included) and a scenic drive back to Funchal.


3) Northeast 4x4 Tour - Scents and Flavours:

Northeast Madeira Jeep Safari

  • Price: Adults from €48.

The Scents and Flavours Safari is a journey into Madeira's past. Over the course of a day you'll visit traditional rural communities, feel the thrill of an off-road drive, and enjoy lunch (not included) in the village of Santana. You might be familiar with those triangular, thatched-roof houses that are a hallmark of Madeira travel guides. Santana is where you'll find these iconic dwellings, it being home to the Casas Típicas de Santana tourist attraction.

During the latter half of the tour you'll visit a sugar cane factory and one of the island's oldest working water-powered sawmills. On the whole, the Northeast Jeep Safari is a great way to experience Madeira's living history in a fun-filled way.


4) East 4x4 Tour - Madeira Peaks:

East Madeira Mountain Peaks Tour

  • Price: Adults from €48.

On the Eastern Peaks Safari you'll start from the very beginning, literally, in the town of Machico, where in 1419 explorers João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira first set foot on the island of Madeira. Your journey through time continues west through Madeira's agricultural heartland, stopping briefly for a visit to the Rum Factory of Porto da Cruz.

After lunch in Santana (not included) you'll set off through Ribeiro Frio Natural Park, an area popular for its incredible vantage points, hiking trails and Levada walks. Claiming higher and higher, you'll eventually arrive at the island's third highest peak - Pico do Arieiro. The views from this vantage point are amongst the finest Madeira has to offer. Look out over the cloud tops, breath in the air 6000 ft and gaze down into the craggy valleys below.


5) Southeast 4x4 Tour - Country Delights:

Southeast Madeira Jeep Safari

  • Price: Adults from €48.

The Country Delights 4x4 Tour runs every Sunday for one very important reason - it's the day of the Santo da Serra market. After leaving Funchal you'll embark on a scenic coastal drive along the southeast coast. Shortly before reaching Santa Cruz the route turns inland, passing through the civil parish of Gaula. Agriculture is this area's main industry, a fact made clear by its verdant slopes and sprawling gardens.

As you traverse the mountain roads your guide will talk about the area's history, ecology and customs, with occasional stops to let you explore and take pictures. The final stop before reaching Santo da Serra is Miradouro da Portela, and observation point with magnificent views across the east coast.

At the Sunday market you'll be free to browse and discover the fruits of Madeira's rich soil. It's also a great place to grab an authentic, handcrafted souvenir.


6) Nuns & Valleys 4x4 Tour:

Nuns & Valleys Madeira Jeep Safari

  • Price: Adults from €35.

On this half-day safari you'll embark on a trip through the mountain valleys north of Funchal towards one of Madeira's most isolated communities - Curral das Freiras. Better known as the 'Valley of the Nuns', it was so named because sisters from the Santa Clara convent in Funchal would go there to hide from French pirates in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Besides the valley itself this excursion features two of Madeira's best vantages points, Pico dos Barcelos and Arieiro, as well as a visit to the Camacha Wicker Factory.


7) Rising Sun 4x4 Tour - Santo da Serra:

Santo Da Serra Madeira Jeep Safari

  • Price: Adults from €35.

The Rising Sun half-day safari follows a similar route to the Country Delights Tour. If you don't have a full day to spare then it's great way to discover Madeira's vibrant countryside and learn about its early history. You'll cruise along the south coast, go off-roading through mountain passes and finish up in the seaside city Machico.


8) Vineyards & Colours 4x4 Tour:

Madeira Vineyards Jeep Tour

  • Price: Adults from €35.

Flavours, history and outstanding views collide on this half-day Jeep safari. It begins with a visit to the glass walkway at Cabo Girão, where you can step out over the cliff's edge and gaze down at the ocean below. Next you'll head for the hills, taking an off-road route through the Jardim da Serra towards Boca da Corrida. Boca da Corrida is a 3000 ft high viewpoint perched directly above the Valley of the Nuns.

The tour finishes at the wine cellar in Câmara de Lobos. Enjoy a sample from the casks, or a complimentary glass of locally-produced poncha. Poncha is a sweet alcoholic drink made from honey, sugar, citrus juice (usually orange or lemon).

Who Are Green Devil Safari?

Green Devil Safari Profile

Green Devil Safari is a long-established adventure tour operator based in Madeira. Their aim is to showcase the lush and biodiverse interior of this captivating Portuguese island, as well as its history and spellbinding culture. Departing from key coastal locations throughout the Atlantic territory their open-top 4x4 Jeeps journey into the mountains for either a full or half-day trip around tiny hidden communities, rolling valleys and towering vantage points.

Green Devil's Madeira Jeep Safari guides speak a variety of languages, principally Portuguese and English, and hold a strong passion for telling the stories of their home island.

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