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Oxford is the quintessential rural English City, set in the Oxfordshire countryside amongst abundant rolling fields and stretches of green deciduous woodland. It goes by the nickname 'the City of Dreaming Spires', possibly referring to the pre-eminence of its fine colleges which collectively constitute the University of Oxford- the oldest in the English speaking world. Many famous writers have been inspired by Oxford's intellectual culture, landscape and neo-classical architecture, so much so that the exact source of the its nickname can be traced to poet Matthew Arnold.

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What's on in Oxford?

The Oxford open-top buses reveal a wealth of things to see and do. Panoramic views from the upper decks provide some of the best sightseeing while on-board guides share in their personal wisdom and point out to riders the best landmarks and attractions. This is great for when you're looking for some on the spot inspiration, but to help you plan a more detailed itinerary before visiting Oxford here's an event planner by Visit Oxfordshire.

Most of the event venues situated in the city centre are located close to (or even right next to) the City Sightseeing Oxford bus tour stops. All you really have to do is hop-off and discover that special museum exhibition, university walking tour, or arts and music fair that piqued your interest. For events that are held further afield, such as those at nearby Blenheim Palace, the tour guides can direct you to a quick and easy means by which to get there.