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What's On In Riga (November & December)

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As one of Europe's two capitals of culture for 2014 we've decided to take a look at what's going on in this Baltic gem throughout November and December. These events were specially picked for their proximity to the Riga City Bus Tour route, meaning that each one lies either right next to, or within a short walking distance of one or more of the 12 hop-on hop-off stops. If you're looking for something to do in Riga this winter to compliment your sightseeing then be sure to give one of these a lookout:

AMBER THROUGH THE TIMES. Hear about the science behind one of Latvia's most precious natural resources, amber, at the Natural History Museum of Latvia this November and December. This unique exhibition explores the precious fossilized mineral from a scientific point of view, investigating such topics as its formation, variations and applications. Reach the Natural History Museum easily be hopping off at stop 2 on the Riga City Bus Tour.

MONUMENT WARS. Many countries in Central and Eastern Europe were profoundly affected by the influence, and or, direct control of the Soviet Union. The communist ideologies that came with it shaped everything from architecture to social structure, and in Riga this November you'll be able to see a new urban installation exploring the former.
'Monument Wars' is a series of sculptures by four sculptors from Russia, Germany, Sweden and Poland. The project is intended to emphasise the relationship between the authorities and the power of culture. It can be found at the intersection between Brivibas Street and Elizabetes Street (once site of a monument to Lenin), which can in turn be reached by hopping off at stop 4 on the Riga City Bus Tour.

1514. BOOK. 2014. Delve into Europe's literary heritage as it existed exactly 500 years in the past. This November and December if you head to the Book Museum Hall of the National Library of Latvia you'll get to check out a fascinating collection of 80 books from all across Europe that were published in 1514.
The aim is to provide an insight into the history, geography, politics, religion, art and music of the continent from the middle of the 2nd millennium. The exhibition runs until December 31st, and its venue lies close to stops 2 & 4 on the Riga City Bus Tour.

UNDERGROUND RIGA. Hop-off at stop 10 on the City Bus Tour and walk a short distance north towards the Memorial of Zanis Lipke. Here is where you will find the Underground Riga exhibition, which explores the stories behind the capital's hiding spots during the 20th century. There will also be opportunities to set out on a number of excursions that guide visitors around a few of these locations.
The exhibition is not open on Sundays and runs every other day from 12:00-18:00. It will be available until December 31st.

EXHIBITION, 'SURPRISING LACE'. Uncover the connection between folk art and contemporary culture at the Church of St. Peter from November 11th-January 18th. Take a stroll into the Old Town from stop 2 to see both an iconic landmark and an interesting series of displays which draw parallels between old and new artistic cultures.

SHINE, RIGA! 2014. It won't matter where you stop off on the Riga Bus Tour mid November as the city's façades, bridges, monuments and parks glow with an extensive series of light installations. Some elements of this fantastic lights festival contain theatrical aspects, making for a wonderful, crowd-pleasing spectacle. The light shows will be visible from November 15-18.