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Let this hop-on hop-off bus tour be your 24-hour ticket around the sights of Bath. Discover highlights from every stage of the city's fascinating history: Neolithic, Roman, Medieval, Georgian Revival and Modern.

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Things To Do In Bath

With its UNESCO-listed cityscape and a diverse roster of year-round attractions, Bath is a place that every UK sightseer should have the pleasure of exploring at least once in their lives. Situated in south-west England it lies just 13 miles from Bristol, and yet Bath's own history and architecture display a unique characteristic that one simply has to experience.

Orientate yourself with a hop-on hop-off bus tour and travel around famous attractions such as the Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent and the American Museum in Britain.

While visiting Bath, also be sure to check out the following five activities:

1) Roman Baths:

Bath is home to the only naturally hot springs in the United Kingdom. The Romans developed the natural hot springs into thermal spas or bath houses. Attracting over one million visitors per year, the baths are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. Visitors can see the temple built to honour the goddess Sulis Minerva and tour the well preserved Great Bath complex of 2000 year old pavements, changing rooms and plunge pools. A fitting end to the tour is an opportunity to sample the mineral rich waters and experience their healing powers first hand!

Roman Baths

2) Holburne Museum:

The Holburne Museum is home to the extensive collection of over 4000 books, objects and pictures collected by Sir Thomas William Holburne who lived from 1793 to 1874. Sir William resided in Bath from 1830 with his 3 unmarried sisters, one of whom bequeathed the collection to the people of Bath in 1881. Highlights of the collection include: Chinese armorial porcelain, silver and portraits, porcelain, books, period furniture, bronzes, old master paintings and a range of portrait miniatures. The Museum has been open to the public since 1893.

Holburne Museum

3) Jane Austen Centre:

The Jane Austen Centre is a permanent exhibition located at 40 Gay Street in Bath. Housed in an original Georgian townhouse, the exhibits tell the story of Jane Austen’s time spent in Bath. Jane Austen made Bath her home from 1801 to 1806, but visited at other times. Bath features in her writing, particularly in two of her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, where the city provided the backdrop. The centre has costumed character guides, exhibits, a tea room and a gift shop full of Jane Austen gift ideas.

Jane Austen Centre

4) Prior Park Landscape Gardens:

Prior Park is a beautiful 18th century landscape garden in Bath. As well as being home to a beautiful Palladian Bridge, the park features a six mile walk, which takes a circular route through beautiful meadows and woodlands. Along the walk visitors can explore 18th-century follies, an Iron Age hill fort and Roman settlements. Spectacular views of Bath are one of the many reasons visitors are attracted to the gardens. Within a short 5 minute walk visitors are rewarded with magnificent views of the Bath skyline.

Prior Park Gardens

5) Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House:

Sally Lunns’s Historic Eating House is one of the oldest houses in the centre of Bath having been built in 1482. In 1680 it was home to Sally Lunn (mispronunciation of Solange) a Huguenot refugee. In the kitchen museum is where the first Bath bun (rich brioche or Festival bread) was created by Sally. Dishes include the world famous Bath Buns, which are still baked to a secret recipe. Centuries later they are a thriving business, much-loved by locals and tourists alike.

Sally Lunn's Eating House

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