See Spain's capital by open-top double decker bus. The Madrid City Tour lets you explore 3+ routes for 1-2 days.

• Visit Retiro Park, Santiago Bernabeu and more.

• Free onboard Wi-Fi, tourist guide and mobile app.

• Present your ticket to the driver at any bus stop.

• BUY NOW, tickets are sent immediately via email.


About The Madrid City Bus Tour:

Madrid City Tour is the official sightseeing bus tour operator in the Spanish capital. With 50+ hop-on hop-off stops it lets visitors discover every green space, plaza, art museum and nightlife hotspot at their own pace.

'Hop-on Hop-off' means that you're free to come and go from the buses as often as you like. If a particular landmark grabs your attention simply disembark at the closest stop and explore up-close with the free Madrid City Tour mobile app.

While on board you can choose to sit on the open-top upper deck or on the sheltered lower deck. Regardless of where you're seated you'll be treated to on-board commentary about the history and culture of Madrid via a 14-language audio guide. A special kids commentary is also available on the green and blue routes (English and Spanish).

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Daily.

headset Commentary:

  • Digital Audio: English, Spanish, Catalan, Euskara, Galego, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.
  • Kid's Channel available in English and Spanish.

schedule Bus Times / Frequencies:

place Departure Points:

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • See Route Descriptions.

settings Facilities:

  • Audio Guide (Headphones Included).
  • Kid-Friendly Audio Channel.
  • Printed Tour Map & Discount Booklet.
  • Free On-Board Wi-Fi.
  • Madrid City Tour Mobile App (Downloadable On Bus).

Tour Itinerary:

There's 5 routes to discover: Historical Blue, Modern Green, Extended Blue, Extended Green and a special Night Route. Details of each can be found in the sections below.


Historical (1) Madrid | Blue Route:

Discover the regal splendour of Golden Age Spain on the main line blue route. With stops ranging from Plaza de Colón and Cibeles to Almudena Cathedral and the Golden Triangle of Art, the blue route provides an unfettered window into Madrid's artistic, architectural and historical heritage.

  • Tour Times (Mar - Oct): 09:00 to 22:00, every 8-9 minutes.

  • Tour Times (Nov - Feb): 10:00 to 18:00, every 14-15 minutes.

  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

pin_drop | 21 Stops:

  • 1) Museo del Prado.
  • 2) Puerta de Alcalá.
  • 3) Barrio de Salamanca.
  • 4) Plaza de Colón.
  • 5) Plaza de Cibeles.
  • 6) Gran Vía, 14.
  • 7) Gran Vía, 30.
  • 8) Gran Vía, 54.
  • 9) Plaza de España.
  • 10) Templo de Debod.
  • 11) Teatro Real.
  • 12) Palacio Real.
  • 13) Puerta de Toledo.
  • 14) San Francisco el Grande.
  • 15) Catedral de la Almudena.
  • 16) Plaza Mayor.
  • 17) Puerta del Sol.
  • 18) Círculo de Bellas Artes.
  • 19) Museo Thyssen.
  • 20) Museo Reina Sofía.
  • 21) Jardín Botánico.

Extended+ Blue Route:

Travel to the outskirts of the city centre two times per day* by riding the extended blue route. It provides access to the Puente de Segovia (Madrid's oldest bridge), the 18th century Puente de Toledo, and the cable car station. Check the departure times and frequency below:

  • March - October (10:05 & 18:05).
  • November - February (10:10 & 14:30).

*This means that normal blue route tours departing Museo del Prado (stop 1) at 10:05 and 18:05 (or 10:10 and 14:30) will include the extended stops. Every other full departure between these two time pairs will not include the stops. This works the same for the extended green route.

pin_drop | 7 Stops:

  • 9.1) Princesa Esquina Alberto Aguilera.
  • 9.2) Plaza de la Moncloa.
  • 9.3) Teleférico de Madrid.
  • 10.1) Puerta de San Vicente.
  • 10.2) Puente de Segovia.
  • 10.3) Paseo de Pontones-Madrid Río.
  • 10.4) Puente de Toledo.

Night Bus Route:

See the majestic lights of Madrid after dark with your 1 or 2-day bus ticket. Operating from June 16 - September 15, 2017, the Night Route follows the same path as the Historical Madrid route. It's a guided tour without any hop-on hop-off stops.

If you'd like to join head along to the Prado Museum at least 15 minutes before the 22:00 departure time. Two night buses run per day.

Modern (2) Madrid | Green Route:

Explore Madrid's contemporary districts and cultural attractions on the green sightseeing route. Highlight locations range from the Public Art Museum and Plaza de Neptuno to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the Museo Lázaro Galdiano.

  • Tour Times (Mar - Oct): 09:00 to 22:00, every 8-9 minutes.

  • Tour Times (Nov - Feb): 10:00 to 18:00, every 14-15 minutes.

  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

pin_drop | 16 Stops:

  • 1) Plaza de Neptuno.
  • 2) Plaza de Cibeles.
  • 3) Plaza de Colón.
  • 4) Museo de Esculturas.
  • 5) Museo de Ciencias Naturales.
  • 6) Nuevos Ministerios.
  • 7) Santiago Bernabéu.
  • 8) Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas.
  • 9) Museo Lázaro Galdiano.
  • 10) Serrano, 61.
  • 11) Serrano, 66.
  • 12) Museo Arqueológico.
  • 13) Puerta de Alcalá.
  • 14) Alcalá, 17.
  • 15) Puerta del Sol.
  • 16) Plaza de las Cortes.

Extended+ Green Route:

The extended green route allows visitors to travel into the northern end of the Chamartín district as well as explore the eastern reaches of Calle de Alcalá. Hop-off at Plaza de Castilla to see the iconic Torres KIO, or the ultra modern skyscrapers of the Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA). By riding the bus to stop 10.2 you can also disembark outside the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas.

  • March - October (12:15 & 16:05).
  • November - February (12:30 & 16:30).

pin_drop | 9 Stops:

  • 6.1) Plaza de Cuzco.
  • 6.2) Plaza de Castilla.
  • 6.3) Paseo de la Castellana - Cuatro Torres.
  • 10.1) Ortega y Gasset.
  • 10.2) Ventas Plaza de Toros.
  • 10.3) Goya Palacio de Deportes.
  • 10.4) Casón del Buen Retiro.
  • 10.5) Atocha-Glorieta Emperador Carlos V.
  • 10.6) Plaza de Neptuno.

Madrid City Tour Highlights:

Madrid is famous for its hospitable accommodation of vast and various culture scenes. Its nightlife is some of the best in Europe and some of the world's most esteemed art museums call it home. Gran Vía is known as the street that never sleeps and hopping off here allows you peruse an array of upmarket shops, theatres and drinking spots.

No city break in Madrid is complete without an explorartion of the famous 'Golden Triangle of Art'. This is an arrangement of the city's top three art museums: The Museo Nacional Del Prado (Prado Museum), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

The Prado Museum features pieces that were once part of the Spanish Royal Collection, including vast numbers by Francisco Goya. The Reina Sofia is mostly dedicated to modern art and its two big names are Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. And the Thyssen-Bornemisza houses an eclectic treasure trove of European pieces that span eight centuries worth of style.

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