Discover Melbourne's incredible street art with Adventure Clues. Journey down the city's lanes and solve fun puzzles to progress.

• Get a game access code sent to the lead email address.

• Forward the email link to each player and start playing.

• Starts at the cnr of Little Lonsdale St and Elizabeth St.

• Discover quirky attractions, hidden bars and more.


About The 'Melbourne Street Art' Adventure Clues Game:

Adventure Clues is the new fun way to explore your city by solving a series of fun cryptic clues on your mobile. Select this trail to discover Melbourne’s most creative and colourful streets. On this trail you will discover one of the most impressive and talked about street art lanes in the world.

Take in the dizzying array of colours and solve clues based on the colourful art you will encounter. There are over 260 lanes and alleyways in Melbourne, all which have a unique bustling hive of activity. The Adventure Clues team has selected the best of this bunch to incorporate the cool café culture and best sights.

Get your camera ready and jump into the Melbourne Street Art Adventure Clues challenge!

help How To Play?

  • For instructions on how to book and play please see the 'Usage Instructions' section at the bottom of the Bookings Tab - VIEW HERE.

local_activity Highlights:

  • Learn about the Street art culture in Melbourne and how it all started. Fun facts and interesting stories!
  • Visit a lane world renowned for its street art. If lucky you’ll get to see the graffiti guys in action.
  • See murals by the talented and controversial meme artist lushsux.
  • Stroll down a lane dedicated to musical rock n' rollers.
  • Option to relax at two recommended locations: Rest break 1 - After Clue 5 (trendy café on one of Melbourne’s bustling laneways. Rest break 2 - at the finish location (a small hole in the wall coffee shop).

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Daily.

headset Languages Available:

  • English.

schedule Game Times:

  • You can start the trail anytime Mon-Sun. The trail is best done in daylight hours so that you can find the clues easier.

place Start Point:

  • Corner of Little Lonsdale Street and Elizabeth Street Melbourne, Vic 3000.
  • The finish point is a short walk from the starting point at Melbourne Central Station. There are plenty of other bars and restaurants nearby. If you want some tips on where to eat afterwards then get in touch or check the ultimate guide you will see at the end of the trail.

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • 2-3 Hours.
  • Exact time dependant on how long you choose to spend at the rest stops.

settings Facilities:

  • Bars and restaurants along the game route (food & drink not included).

cancel Exclusions:

  • Food & Drink.
  • Transport To And From Starting Location.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

After completing your booking you will immediately receive a confirmation email. This will be followed within 24-hours by an email containing the requested number of game code links. This email will be sent to the address provided during booking.

NOTE | Please ensure that you can access your emails on your mobile device, and provide a mobile contact number.

If you have any questions or issues regarding your codes please contact Adventure Clues directly at: +61 (0)2 9030-0381, or email: (


After purchasing a game the lead email address is sent a number of codes each corresponding to the number of players selected (within 24 hours). This can be forwarded by the team leader to the email addresses of each player, who can then click on the link and get started.

You can start the trail anytime Mon-Sun. The trail is best done in daylight hours so that you can find the clues easier.

The recommended team size is 4 players, but you can work as a couple or even just go solo. If you want to play against another team then stagger your start times by 10 minutes. However you choose to play you'll be presented with 14 cryptic clues which, once solved, will lead you through new and interesting areas of Melbourne, and reveal stories and facts.


Points are awarded or deducted depending on actions taken during the game:

• Answer Correctly - 25 Points.
• Use A Hint - 10 Points.
• Use A Reveal - 20 Points (and the map will direct you to next clue in case you got lost).

You can either decide to go about things leisurely or try to post a good time on the Adventure Clues leader board. Make sure your phone has enough battery. Bring along a pen and paper, it can help when solving some of the anagram clues.

PLEASE NOTE | The rest break locations are not guaranteed to be open at the time of your visit due to different trading times.

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