Brave the dark side of the Dutch Golden Age at the Amsterdam Dungeon, one of the capital's most popular attractions.

• Meet a creepy cast of actors across 11 exciting shows.

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About The Amsterdam Dungeon:

Amsterdam may now be one Europe's most peaceful and progressive capitals, but the past 500 years certainly hasn't been a bed of tulips. From the wars and intrigue of the Habsburg era to the height of the Dutch Golden Age, tales of the Netherlands and its principle city are bursting with darkness and drama. At the Amsterdam Dungeon you'll hear and experience all the grizzliest chapters in this blood-soaked chronicle.

Guided by a cast of live actors and featuring state of the art special effects, visitors are taken on an 80 minute journey through 11 exciting shows. Laughs and screams come in equal measure, along with plenty of unique and memorable moments.

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Daily.

schedule Opening Hours:

  • Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 to 18:00 (last tour).
  • Friday + Saturday: 11:00 to 19:00 (last tour).

place Amsterdam Dungeon Address:

  • Rokin 78, 1012 KW Amsterdam.
  • The Amsterdam Dungeon is located just 5 minutes walking distance from the Lindbergh Office at Damrak 26.

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • Approx. 1 Hour 20 Minutes.

Amsterdam Dungeon Shows:

The Descent. Your journey into Amsterdam's dark history begins with none other than a grinding descent. You will travel into the belly of the Dungeon via a shaky medieval lift. Put your faith in the gatekeeper and hope you all make it down in one piece.

The Torture Chamber:

Where else to begin than with a spot of corporal punishment? Cries of the prosecuted and smells of rotting flesh hang thick in this foul place, and who knows, you could be next in line to meet its star host.

The Torturer:

This cheery figure will tell you his craft is an art form, and we guess it is. You'll be shown the tools of the trade, all the various blood-curdling techniques, and a free viewing of your own entrails... wait.

Magic Musico:

Encounter a devious magician in the VOC Batavia, a dingy, inhospitable bar where patrons rarely leave with their freedom intact. Mind the mage's tricks and don't fall pray to his callous charms- you might wind up on your hands and knees!

Hell On The Batavia:

For the average sailor employed by the Dutch East India Company there wasn't much that was 'golden' about their country's Golden Age. Venture aboard the VOC Batavia and discover the nauseating nightmare that was 17th century seafaring. The crew will give delightful accounts of the various terrible illnesses one can contact through overcrowding, shrapnel wounds and rats. To top it all off there's the stench of body odour, the deafening rumble of cannons and the ever present threat of going overboard. Bon Voyage!

Black John:

Slink nervously into the anatomical theatre of Doctor Deyman, where the recently executed body of infamous criminal 'Black John' lies on the operating table. Rembrandt is due to document the autopsy on canvass, but the cleaner tasked with preparing the theatre uncovers something deeply disturbing. Can you stomach the smell of rotting organs?

Spanish Inquisition:

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, unless, that is, they're locked in the Amsterdam Dungeon. You'll be transported back to the perilous days of the Spanish Netherlands, when civil and religious felonies were as abundant as they were crazy. Steel yourself and face the Dungeon's fearsome judge, who unfortunately doesn't care much for pleas of innocence, especially from those accused witchcraft and other heresy. The question you might want to ask yourself before taking to the docks is: am I guilty, or very guilty!

Witch Hunt:

Have you survived thus far? Well pray you still have the strength of mind to face Meynes Cornelis, a condemned witch living in her accursed house. As soon as the creaky door snaps shut you'll be trapped in her fiendish world with nothing but your own wits to helps you escape. Will you succumb to paralysing fear, or live to see the light of day?


You're almost free, but can you navigate the final hurdle? Grasp and fumble your way through the dark streets of Amsterdam in an attempt to reach safety.


Just when you though your tribulations were over you see a commotion in the distance. Jostling for the place amongst the raucous crowds you finally gaze upon the source of the commotion, a bedraggled woman tied to the stake with a fevered look in her eyes. As the lit flames begin to lick at her feet you count yourself lucky that you haven't been condemned to a similar fate, but, what's that, she's pointing at you, shouting accusations that she's not the only one to have made a pact with the devil! Will the frenzied crowd turn on you?

Murder on the Zeedijk:

Amsterdam Dungeon's newest show tells the tragic tale of two sisters Dina and Helena. Diana, the picture of a fair young maiden, stands in stark contrast to her dark and coarse sibling. When one day a handsome sailor called Wouter falls for the prettier of the two a jealous rift opens up that threatens both with disaster. Diana is murdered in a blind rage by her sister, who takes the distraught Wouter as her own husband. It's not until 1753, when Helena is on her deathbed, that she admits to her ill-gotten spouse that it was her who tore him away from his true lover.

Cursed and left to die alone Helena's guilty spirit never finds rest, and if you listen carefully you can still hear her moans.

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