Save up to 40% during your trip to Barcelona with a Barcelona iVenture Card, the city's most generous attraction pass.

• Pick a pass and choose from 30+ popular activities.

• Enjoy sightseeing tours, attractions and culinary offers.

• Pass vouchers are sent straight to your mobile device.

• Pick up your pass at 5 convenient locations.


What Is The Barcelona iVenture Card?

The Barcelona iVenture Card is a handy attraction pass that allows visitors to save up to 40% on popular tours, museums, shopping and more. There's 36 offers in total to choose from, and four different card variations to suit unique timescales and budgets.

If you're looking to enjoy a fun and simple long weekend then you can't go wrong with the Flexi Pass 3. If you plan on staying for a week or more, however, then you might prefer the +5 or even the chunky 'unlimited' pass. Activities range from the Barcelona City Bus Tour and Montserrat Day Trips, to the popular Gaudí Experience and shows at Palacio del Flamenco.

How Does It Work?

See the information at the bottom of our Bookings Section for full details on how to purchase, collect and use your Barcelona iVenture Card.

Card Types / How Much Could I Save?

See the itineraries below for an idea of how much you could save with the Barcelona iVenture Card:

  • Flexi Pass Unlimited (Includes all iVenture Barcelona Activities).

iVenture Barcelona | What's Included?

What tours and attractions suit your tastes? Have a look at what's included in the Barcelona iVenture Attraction Pass and get customising your own travel itinerary.


Important Notes:

Activities highlighted in red require an additional €15 supplement per person (FC Barcelona Only €5). This is payable when you go to collect your pass at one of the five Julia Travel Offices (see Bookings Section).

Activities baring the note '- Reservation Required' have to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. In such cases you'll be required to contact the local operator directly once you purchase your iVenture Card. Full details on how to reserve such activities are available in the details download above.


iVenture Barcelona Tours And Transport

1) Barcelona Artistic - Best of Gaudi (4-Hour Guided Tour + Entry To Park Güell) - Reservation Required.

2) Barcelona Bus Turístic (1-Day Ticket).

3) Barcelona City Bus Tour (1-Day Ticket).

Barcelona City Tour is the Catalan capital's official hop-on hop-off bus service. It's praised for its diverse commentary, quality fleet and long operating hours. While it does come in a 48-hour variety, the version that’s included with the iVenture Card allows unlimited travel for 1 day. Given the amount of time you’re likely to be spending in Barcelona with such an attraction pass I’d say it’s better suited for a solid days sightseeing. Definitely nothing to be shrugged at, given the city’s sheer scale and beauty.

4) Barcelona Highlights (4-Hour Barcelona Coach/Walking Tour + Entry To Poble Espanyol & Montjuïc Cable Car) - Reservation Required.

5) Cooltra (1-Day Scooter Rent).

6) Girona: Game Of Thrones (6-Hour GoT Tour To Girona From Barcelona) - Reservation Required.

7) Las Golondrinas Boat Tour (40-minute Barcelona Port Cruise).

For over a century Las Golondrinas have been showing visitors the beauty of Barcelona’s coast line, and principle amongst their excursions is the 40-minute Barcelona Port cruise.

Take your iVenture Card to the mooring point near Mirador de Colom and you’ll be admitted to one of their relaxing sightseeing boats. Sights featured on the tour include the Maremagnum shopping centre, the exterior of Barcelona Aquarium, the World Trade Centre and more. Check here for up-to-date sailing times.

8) La Roca Village Shopping Express (Transport + VIP Pass).

9) Montserrat Morning Tour (Half Day Trip + Liquor Tasting) - Reservation Required.

At its highest point Montserrat mountain on the outskirts of Barcelona rises 1,236 meters above sea level. Its rounded, pillar-like peaks are easy to spot from most city vantage points, and tour groups regularly make ascents to this stunning natural park. Your iVenture Card includes a departure by luxury coach that sets out from Carrer Balmes, 5. If you choose to do the tour prepare to see the Royal Basilica of Montserrat and to take part in an optional liquor tasting session.

10) Opera Sanfaina (Tour & Tasting Menu).


iVenture Barcelona Attraction Pass

11) Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, 'MACBA' (Entry + Skip-The-Line).

MACBA is Barcelona’s foremost museum of contemporary art, with a permanent collection of avant-garde works stretching back to the mid-20th century. It also serves a display space for the latest in Spanish, Catalan and worldwide visionary talent. Head along with your Barcelona iVenture Card and you’ll breeze past admission with skip-the-line entry.

12) Basilica Santa Maria del Mar (Towers, Terraces and Galleries Guided Tour) - Reservation Required.

13) Casa Batlló (Skip-The-Line Entry).

Head along to Casa Batlló with your Barcelona iVenture Card and you’ll be granted skip-the-line admission. Fast pass entries also include a free 'SmartGuide', which uses augmented reality to reveal the inspiration behind the architecture. Gaze up at the dazzling blue-tiled atrium, ascend the spine-like dragon staircase, and admire one of Barcelona's most iconic trencadís mosaics on the rooftop terrace.

14) Casa de les Punxes (Entry + Audioguide).

15) Casino Barcelona (Entry + Welcome Drink - Glass of Cava, Soda or Beer).

16) Colònia Güell (Entry to Gaudí's Crypt, Complimentary Map and Audio Guide).

17) Egyptian Museum (Entry Ticket).

18) FC Barcelona Camp Nou Experience (Entry - Tickets must be picked up at Julià Travel Office, Carrer de Balmes, 5).

This high-tech visitor attraction is a given for any Barça fan and a must-see for any lover the beautiful game. A visit to Camp Nou doesn’t just involve a wander around the trophy cabinets (as stunning as they are), it includes a visit to the pitch access tunnel, changing rooms, studios, commentary boxes and more. Basically everything that makes this modern first division club function is covered throughout the experience. Young and old alike will love its interactive multimedia spaces and a chance to get right alongside the pitch itself.

19) Gaudí Exhibition Centre (Entry).

20) Gaudí Experience ('4D Journey' Access + Main Exhibition).

If a primary reason for your visit to Barcelona is the architectural legacy of Antoni Gaudí then we wouldn’t pass up a visit to the Gaudí Experience. While you might associate a typical Gaudí-related art trip with guided walks around Park Guell and the Sagrada Família this is the place where you can discover it all under one roof.

To an extent it’s an ordinary open-plan exhibition space, only that it’s supplemented by stereoscopic 4D technology, 7.1 surround sound, and other amazing special effects. Want to learn more about a particular model or artefact? Consult the giant touch-screen walls and pick your way through copious multilingual information.

21) Gaudí Torre Bellesguard (Entry + Audioguide).

Constructed between 1900 and 1909 the Bellesguard house/tower is possibly one of Gaudí’s most underrated masterpieces. Dedicated to the last king of the House of Barcelona it’s a significant landmark for two main reasons. Stylistically, Gaudí combined the Gothic architecture of Martin I’s medieval palace with the then-contemporary Art Nouveau, creating one of his most unique works.

Culturally, it represents the renaissance that Catalan national identity underwent around the turn of the 20th century. All-in-all it’s a fascinating blend of history and modernist art, everything you’d expect, and more, from the genius of Mr Gaudí. Take your iVenture Card to Torre Bellesguard and you’ll get instant entry plus an audioguide.

22) Illa Fantasia Water Park (Round Trip Transport + Park Entry).

23) Jamon 'Spanish Ham' Experience (Exhibition + Drinks and Tasting).

Iberian Ham is renowned for its unique production process and delicious varieties, and Barcelona’s Jamón Experience aims to teach you everything there is to know about the delicacy. The first part of the experience involves an audiovisual tour across 8 rooms. You’ll see herds of virtual pigs grazing in a panoramic 3D forest, reconstructions of traditional storage rooms, and displays detailing the various stages of the cooking process, from select cuts to salting and drying. This portion of the experience lasts around 20 minutes and is available in a choice of 8 languages.

The 1 hour highlight is the tasting stage, during which you’ll be seated with your fellow visitors as a professional carver works his magic on six different types of Jamón. The delicious slices are accompanied by a choice of two drinks, either wine, cava or beer. Your Barcelona iVenture Card covers both the exhibition and tasting plus drinks.

24) L’Aquarium Barcelona (Entry).

25) La Pedrera Gaudí (Skip-The-Line Entry + Audio Tour).

Also known as Casa Milà, La Pedrera has been a staple of Barcelona postcards for decades. Designed by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol it opened in 1910 after four year’s construction, and today houses an artistic culture centre and various exhibition spaces.

As well as skip-the-line entry your Barcelona iVenture Card will include an audio tour of the building and its many fascinating features. You might recognise the organic curves of the atrium, the distinctive chimney figures and its natural, almost coral-like exterior designs. Discover all this and much more on your tour.

26) Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, 'MNAC' (Entry + Skip-The-Line).

27) Palau Requesens (Guided Tour, Sword Fighting Exhibition and Cava + Snacks) - Reservation Required.

28) Park Güell (Entry + Guided Tour) - Reservation Required.

Gaudí’s finest fusion of nature and architecture is a wonder to explore during the spring and summer months. Commissioned by Count Güell as a family estate in the early 20th century it was later acquired by the city of Barcelona and converted into a municipal garden. What Gaudí left behind is a menagerie of some of the world’s most incredible Art Nouveau monuments, sculptures and decorative plazas.

29) Poble Espanyol (Skip-The-Line Entry).

Millions visit this open-air architecture museum every year, and little wonder given the scale and diversity of the place. It’s essentially Spain in microcosm, with 117 full-scale replicas of the nation’s most iconic buildings. In between you’ll find yourself wandering through plazas, streets and gardens each emblematic of a particular Spanish province. Get fast-track entry with your Barcelona iVenture Card.

30) PortAventura (Park Admission - Tickets must be picked up at Julià Travel Office, Carrer de Balmes, 5).

31) Sagrada Família (Entry + Guided Tour) - Reservation Required.

The centrepiece of Gaudí’s architectural legacy remains Barcelona’s most iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. With your iVenture Card you’ll be able to slot yourself into one one of the building’s popular guided tours. Check in with the Julia Travel Office (Carrer de Balmes, 5, 08007 Barcelona) and find the nearest available time slot.


iVenture Barcelona Dining Pass

32) Hard Rock Café (Diamond Menu Meal).

33) Non Solo Brasas Restaurant (Paella Menu & Glass of Sangria).

34) La Burguesa Restaurant (Burger, Fries & Drink).

35) Txapela Restaurant (Menu 7 Pinchos, Drink & Ice Cream).

36) Las Ramblas View Point (Free Cava).

37) Moritz Brewery (Free Beer).

38) Colom View Point (Entry + Complimentary Wine).

39) Palacio del Flamenco (Show + Drink).

In stark contrast to the dark and compact atmosphere of traditional Flamenco venues the Palacio del Flamenco combines the opulent grandeur of a classical concert hall with one of Spain’s national art forms. Okay, with a seating capacity of 380 it’s not quite Carnegie Hall, but it’s a sweeping departure from the ancient Flamenco caves along Granada’s mountainous Sacromonte District. What you’ll get is a show by one of Catalonia’s finest performing arts groups in spacious and comfortable seating area.

Three different musical sessions run every night from 18:25 until 23:30. You can choose from either Flamenco and Olé, The Bajano Gipsy, or Flamenco Passion. Dinner is served shortly before each show, and consists of a delicious variety of tapas dishes.

Select your ticket type(s)

Helpful ticket usage instructions are listed below.

Important Information & Usage instructions

Once you have purchased your iVenture Card an e-voucher will be sent immediately via email. This voucher will allow you to collect your iVenture smart card from any of the following 5 locations:

• 1) Julia Travel Office (Carrer de Balmes, 5) | Open: Daily, 08:30 to 20:00 - Tel: +34 93 317 64 54.

• 2) Julia Travel Office (Carrer de Sicília, btw no. 233 and 235) | Open: Daily, 09:00 to 18:00 - ADDRESS UPDATE FROM APR 1, 2018 - (Carrer de Sardenya, 311).

• 3) Julia Travel Office (Carrer de l'Hospital, 4) | Open: Daily, 09:00 to 17:30 - Tel. +34 93 302 13 56.

• 4) Julia Travel Office (Carrer de la Canuda, 9) | Open: Daily, 09:00 to 17:30 - Tel. +34 93 280 78 00.

• 5) Palau Moja (Carrer Portaferrisa, 1) | Open: Daily, 10:00 to 21:00 - Tel. +34 93 316 27 40

In addition to issuing your card, staff at the travel offices will provide the necessary ACTIVATION CODES and offer to activate your card for you.

NOTE: Once activated, your card will be valid for 7 consecutive days. The e-voucher you receive from this site can either be PRINTED or presented to staff on a MOBILE DEVICE.

All Barcelona iVenture cards include an attraction guide and handy city map. These are available in a choice of either English or Spanish (received upon collection).

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