Immerse yourself in stories from both sides of Northern Ireland's political divide on the Conflicting Stories walking tour.

• Walk with Republican & Loyalist ex-political prisoners.

• Travel to both sides of the Peace Line over 3-hours.

• Tours start at Divis Tower on Lower Falls Road.

• E-tickets are sent straight to your mobile device.


About The Conflicting Stories Political Walking Tour:

From the looming Peace Wall to the political murals of West Belfast, physical reminders of The Troubles are an inescapable feature modern Belfast. Less apparent, however, are the personal memories that this decades-long conflict left in the minds of those who experienced it firsthand.

The Conflicting Stories walking tour places you in the company of two such people: one a Republican ex-political prisoner and the other a Loyalist who was also incarcerated for defending their beliefs.

It begins outside Divis Tower, an iconic block of flats located along Divis Street near the lower end of Falls Road. Here you'll meet the Republican tour guide, who'll take you on a journey down Falls Road while sharing their personal recollections of The Troubles. This portion of the tour presents the conflict from a Nationalist perspective. The Nationalist community (also called republican) desire to see Northern Ireland become part of the Irish Republic.

Keep your camera ready, as you'll visit numerous political murals, memorials and other sites synonymous with The Troubles. Locations that seem totally normal at first could well have been the site of some lesser known event or confrontation; your guide will point these out when and where they arise.

Bidding your Republican guide farewell you'll move on through a set of electronically controlled gates to the mainly protestant area of Shankill Road. Here you'll meet a Loyalist ex-political prisoner who'll share their stirring accounts of struggles gone by. The Loyalist community desire to keep Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom. Like on the first part of the walking tour you'll see fascinating political murals, and will have a chance to sign the Peace Wall.

Note: Remember to wear a comfortable pair of shoes for this walking tour. You can expect to cover some 5 kilometres over the 3-hour duration.

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Daily | Except Dec 24-26.

headset Commentary:

  • Live English-language narration by local guides.

schedule Departure Time:

  • 14:30.

place Departure Point:

  • Start: Divis Tower, Lower Falls Road.
  • Finish: Lower Shankill Road.

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • 3-Hours.

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