Take a half-day trip to the Catacombs of Domitilla, Rome's oldest subterranean burial complex.

• Three departures run daily (except Tuesdays).

• Shuttle to the Catacombs and guided tour included.

• Pick a 24 or 48-hour City Sightseeing Rome pass.

• Reserve and pick-up your tickets at 6 locations.



  • Every day from April 1 to December 13, 2019 - Except Tuesdays.
  • Catacombs Only Tour w/ San Clemente Underground - View Here.


  • Catacomb Shuttle Bus (Audio Guide): English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
  • Domitilla Guided Tour* (Live Guide): English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.
  • *Audio guides for the catacombs tour are also available in Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Croatian and more.

Departure Times / Locations*:

  • 1st - Depart Largo di Villa Peretti (09:15) - Colosseum (09:30) - Circus Maximus (09:40) - Arrive at Domitilla (10:00) - Return Journey (11:30).
  • 2nd - Depart Largo di Villa Peretti (10:40) - Colosseum (10:55) - Circus Maximus (11:05) - Arrive at Domitilla (11:15) - Return Journey (12:55).
  • 3rd - Depart Largo di Villa Peretti (15:00) - Colosseum (15:15) - Circus Maximus (15:25) - Arrive at Domitilla (15:45) - Return Journey (16:50).
  • *You must be at the shuttle bus stop on Largo di Villa Peretti (Terminal B) at least 10 minutes before the departure time. View the departure point location in Google Maps here.

About The Catacombs of Domitilla Tour:

Rome's legacy as a cradle of Christianity in western Europe is strongly evident in relatively modern landmarks such as St Peter's Basilica, but to truly uncover the faith's continental origins you have to take a trip south. It's here, along Via delle Sette Chiese, that you'll find the oldest underground burial complex in Rome - the Catacombs of Domitilla.

This shuttle bus service offers a straightforward means of reaching the archaeological site, and once you arrive you'll be treated to a professional guided tour. The journey starts with a short sightseeing overview of Rome, then continues on-foot once you reach the catacombs.

Not only are the Catacombs of Domitilla the oldest of their kind in Rome, but also the most extensive. The tunnel network reaches some 30 meters underground and spans a distance of roughly 17 kilometres. Interred within the multi-layered walls are the bodies of around 4,000,000 people, some dating as far back as the earliest burials during the 2nd century AD. This was a precarious time for Christianity in the Western Roman Empire, with formal acceptance of the fledgling religion still one hundred or so years away in the 306-337 rule of Constantine I.

With time came greater acceptance, more adherents to the faith, and consequently a greater demand for burial space. Many of these people wished to be laid to rest as close to the bodies of the original martyrs as possible, prompting the need for more and deeper chambers plus connecting hypogeums. In time, the Catacombe di San Domitilla that we see today were born.

This exciting tour of the modern day archaeological site begins on Largo di Villa Peretti (Terminal B) at 09:15, 10:40 and 15:00. Pick whatever time suits you best then hop aboard your environmentally friendly natural gas shuttle bus. Before heading to the catacombs the bus takes passengers on a short sightseeing tour of Rome, covering key attractions such as the Colosseum and Circo Massimo. Upon arrival at the catacombs you can either listen to your guide's live commentary, or follow along with audio guides if you speak Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Croatian or a number of other languages.

The guided tour is available in 5 languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish and German).

Expect to spend a full hour exploring the site. It begins with a visit to the semi-submerged 4th-century church where fascinating inscriptions, columns and sarcophagi lie. You'll then descend into the galleries and their adjoining passageways, hearing fascinating tales and discovering ancient symbolism as you go. It'll quickly become apparent that the Domitilla tour isn't just a trip to a burial ground, but a way of unlocking the captivating secrets of early European Christians.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

Upon completing your purchase you will receive a voucher via email. Please print this out and present it to City Sightseeing staff at any of the 6 locations listed below. You will be issued with catacomb shuttle passes as well as hop-on hop-off bus tour tickets.

1) City Sightseeing Rome buses (present to driver/staff).

2) Stazione Termini Visitor Centre (Via Giolitti, 36) | Open: 09:00-18:00.

3) Colosseum Visitor Centre near Piazza Venezia (Via IV Novembre, 147) | Open: 09:00-19:00 (Daily), 09:00-14:00 (Sundays & Bank Holidays).

4) Vatican Visitor Centre (Via della Conciliazione, 4 - inside Auditorium Conciliazione) | Open: 09:30-17:30 (Daily).

5) Vatican Museums Visitor Centre (Via Veniero 74) | Open: 08:30-16:00.

6) Repubblica Visitor Centre (Piazza della Repubblica - inside Eataly) | Open: 09:00-16:00.

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