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Rome » Cinecittà World Entrance + Shuttle Bus

Cinecitta World Entry And Shuttle Bus From Rome

Try something different during your next trip to Rome. Take a day trip to Cinecittà World and get park admission included.

• Visit Cinecittà World theme park by return shuttle bus.

• Coaches depart Via Marsala al Civico from Jun-Sept, 2016.

• Take your printed ticket straight to the Rome departure point.

• BUY NOW, tickets are sent immediately by email.

Cinecittà World Ticket And Transport

Cinecitta World Entry
Cinecitta World Altair CCW-0204 Roller Coaster
Cinecitta World Nightmarecrusher

• Traveller Info •

Admission tickets are valid for the full duration of the park's opening hours on any given day.


Shuttle Bus Timings:

09:30 (Leave Rome) - 18:30 (Leave Cinecittà World).

Shuttle Departure Point:

Via Marsala al Civico 71 (in front of Bar Binario Zero).

Park Opening Hours:

Please consult this calendar for detailed opening times.


Pricing Conditions:

Adults (15+ years).

Children (over 1 meter tall and aged 0-14 years).

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All gallery images on this page © Cinecittà World.

About Cinecittà World Theme Park:

Most people visit Rome to experience the vibrant relics of the Roman Empire, but who says a trip to the Eternal City can't include a bit of thrill seeking? This summer spice up your journey with return transport plus admission to Italy's premier theme park, Cinecittà World.

Once the site of the Dino De Laurentiis film studios this area, around 25 km south of central Rome, is now home to an exciting movie themed amusement park. There's around 20 main attractions that offer fun for all ages, from the Altair roller coaster to the tot-friendly Caminiera cart ride. Cinecittà World also boasts four renowned restaurants each with a unique theme and distinct flavours. Check out the shuttle bus departure points below.


What Do I Do After Booking?

After completing your booking you will be sent a ticket voucher via email. Print this out and take it to the bus stop at Via Marsala al Civico 71. The shuttle bus departs at 09:30 in the morning, so the tour operator kindly asks that you arrive at the departure point at least 15 minutes before this scheduled leaving time.

Upon arrival at the departure point staff will exchange your voucher for tickets that can be used to access the return shuttle bus as well as gain admission to Cinecittà World.


Cinecittà Shuttle Departure Dates (2016):

  • Daily from 28 June to 11 September.
  • Every weekend during May & June.


What You'll See At Cinecittà World:

Cinecittà World has something in store for everyone, from families and adrenaline junkies to kids and culture seekers. To experience the ultimate thrill rides test your nerves on the Altair CCW-0204, a space-themed 10 inversion roller coaster with ten spirals and a coach that reaches speeds of up to 90 km/h. Will survive your descent back to the Mother Planet? For those who love to stir up the stomach butterflies park your backside down on the Erawan drop tower, which rises to a height of 54 meters before plummeting into the depths of a lost temple. Finally, enter the Darkmare and take a journey into the depths of hell. You'll uncover the story of a mysterious on-set fire and the cameraman who claimed to have seen the legions of the underworld.

In addition to the three heart-pounders above Cinecittà World features a raft of attractions that are fun for the entire family. Journey back to 1942 and prepare to undertake a risky mission aboard the Aquila IV submarine. Join the forces of the Second Italic Legion against Octavian at the Battle of Actium, where you'll be beckoned onto a giant quinquereme warship that reaches speeds of up to 70 km/h. Another aquatic crowd pleaser is the Nightmarecrusher, where you and the family don water cannons and face off against the terrors the night.

The rides listed above just a few of the delights on offer. Cinecittà World also lets people enjoy a range of spectacular live shows from the Wild Wild West to 'Gangster Story' and 'Gladiatores'. Then there's a whole host of recreated film sets that are a joy to simply explore. Lastly, whatever your tastes there's a collection of restaurants as diverse as the film business itself.

Cinecittà World Cinecitta World Erawan Cinecitta World Wild West Cinecitta World Water Rides Cinecitta Movie Sets
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