See Palermo by open-top double decker bus. City Sightseeing Palermo lets you explore 2 diverse routes for 24 hours.

• Access top attractions- perfect for cruise ship arrivals.

• Free Wi-Fi and walking tour app available onboard.

• Present your ticket to the driver at any stop on line A or B.

• BUY NOW, tickets are sent immediately by email.



  • Lines A & B: All Year Round | Except January 1 and December 25.


  • Digital Audio: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian.

Tour Times / Frequency:

Departure Points:


  • Line A: 1 Hours.
  • Line B: 50 Minutes.


  • Audio Guide (Headphones Included).
  • Walking Tour App (Download On Bus).
  • Printed Tour Map & Leaflet.
  • Free On-Board Wi-Fi.


  • Wheelchair Accessible Buses.

Tour Itinerary:

The City Sightseeing Palermo tour unlocks so many locations that we've created a page dedicated to 16 of the city's must-see attractions. Read, '16 Of The Best Things To See And Do In Palermo', to help plan your sightseeing itinerary. Below is a full list of stops at which you can embark and disembark from at any point over 24-hours (Lines A & B only).

Your ticket becomes valid as soon as it is first used to ride the buses. Say you first used your ticket at 09:00 in morning, it'd be valid until that same time the next day.

Meanwhile, as you travel you'll be able to enjoy recorded commentary in a choice of 8 languages. As well as revealing the city's history this narration explains much about local customs, culture and quirks.


| Line A - 9 Stops:

  • 1) Teatro Politeama (Depart).
  • 2) Teatro Massimo.
  • 3) Quattro Canti.
  • 4) Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri.
  • 5) Orto Botanico di Palermo.
  • 6) Palermo Central Railway Station.
  • 7) Palazzo dei Normanni (Palazzo Reale).
  • 8) Palermo Cathedral.
  • 9) Mercato Vucciria.
  • 1) Teatro Politeama (Return).

| Line B - 7 Stops:

  • 1) Teatro Politeama (Depart).
  • 2) Palermo English Garden.
  • 3) Villa Malfitano.
  • 4) Castello della Zisa.
  • 5) Mercato del Capo.
  • 6) Teatro Massimo.
  • 7) Palermo Cruise Port.
  • 1) Teatro Politeama (Return).

| Line C 'Monreale' - 2 Stops:

  • 1) Palazzo Reale.
  • 2) Monreale Cathedral.

| Line D 'Mondello' - 9 Stops:

  • 1) Teatro Politeama (Depart).
  • 2) Palermo Cruise Port.
  • 3) Fiera.
  • 4) Mondello Beach.
  • 5) Antico Stabilimento Balneare.
  • 6) Mondello Beach.
  • 7) Leoni.
  • 8) Fiera.
  • 9) Palermo Cruise Port.
  • 1) Teatro Politeama (Return).

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Important Information & Usage instructions

After purchasing your bus tour pass[es] please print off the ticket voucher you receive (sent immediately by email) and redeem it at the following location:

• City Sightseeing Palermo buses (present to driver/staff).


• Children aged 4 years and under travel free.


City Sightseeing Palermo | Bus Tour Map

All Lines (Lines C & D not bookable online. Purchase direct from driver).

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