See Panama City by open-top double decker bus. City Sightseeing Panama lets you come and go as often as you like.

• Explore 6 unique locations for 24 or 48 hours.

• Visit the Miraflores Locks, Biomuseo and much more.

• Present your ticket to the driver at any bus stop.

• BUY NOW, tickets are sent immediately by email.


About The City Sightseeing Panama Bus Tour:

On the Pacific coast of the Isthmus of Panama lies a city whose gleaming skyscrapers sit amidst blue water bays, tropical jungle and the relics of a long, turbulent history. Panama City is a beautiful, ultra-modern metropolis whose sights can now be experienced by open-top bus.

City Sightseeing Panama offers 24 and 48 hour tickets, allowing you to hop-on and off at 10 unique stops. Enjoy flexible travel and plan an itinerary that suits your holiday needs. Hear the dramatic history of the Panama Canal with audio commentary in six different languages and admire the sparkling ocean vistas of Calzada de Amador.


  • All Year Round, Daily.


  • Digital Audio: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Times / Frequency:

  • 09:00 to 16:00, every hour.

Departure Point:


  • 2 Hours.


  • Audio Guide (Headphones Included).
  • Printed Tour Map & Leaflet.

Tour Itinerary:

The City Sightseeing Panama tour features a single, comprehensive route. By booking a 24 or 48 hour sightseeing ticket you'll be entitled to unlimited transport between each of its ten stops. The first is located on Balboa Boutiques Plaza in the urban heart of the capital.

From here, travel into Panama's western outskirts and encounter highlights such the Miraflores Locks, the 654-foot vantage point of Ancon Hill, and Frank Gehry's 'Biomuseo'. The Biomuseo is a natural history museum whose exhibitions showcase the native fauna and flora of the Isthmus of Panama. They also examine the impact that this biodiversity has on the rest of the planet. Frank Gehry may be recognisable to some as the architect of other famous museums such as the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum or Prague's Dancing House. His Biomuseo is easy to spot from the upper decks of the Panama sightseeing buses thanks to its distinctive multi-coloured roof.

While riding the city route you will also get to hop off at Isla Flamenco (accessed via the Amador Causeway), a scenic hotspot featuring two shopping centres, open-air restaurants and marinas packed with yachts and fishing boats. Spend some time gazing south across the Gulf of Panama and north towards the white skyscrapers of downtown. You could also stroll up the forested slopes of Fort Grant on nearby Isla Perico, rent a bike for a two-wheeled adventure along the causeway, or catch a ferry to Taboga Island from Punta Culebra.

After departing the Causeway islands the buses embark on a scenic return journey to Balboa Boutiques Plaza. You'll curve around the picturesque colonial district of Casco Viejo, which lies just west across the bay from the new city.

| 10 Stops:

  • 1) Balboa Boutiques Plaza.
  • 2) Parque Urracá.
  • 3) Mi Pueblito.
  • 4) Albrook Mall.
  • 5) Miraflores Visitor Center.
  • 6) Biomuseo.
  • 7) Punta Culebra Nature Centre.
  • 8) Isla Flamenco.
  • 9) Isla Perico.
  • 10) Casco Viejo.

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Print off the ticket voucher you receive from this site and present it to a member of the City Sightseeing Panama tour staff at any stop (see map in Downloads Tab). Tickets purchased online are usable within 3 MONTHS of purchase.

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