On this 2-hour tour you'll learn about the 1916 Easter Rising, its prelude and those who fought for independence.

• Travel with two actor-guides, one ICA, one C na mB.

• Visit important sites and see how the rising unfolded.

• Hear gripping stories based on personal testimonies.

• Tours depart College Green Fri - Mon at 14:00.


About The 1916 Bus Tour:

Meet the men and women who made it happen! Travel back in time aboard Hidden Dublin's custom-designed 'Rise of the Rebels' tour bus. This striking vehicle has been kitted out to resemble a besieged revolutionary base, placing you right at the heart of the Easter Rising.

Discover the society and customs of pre-1916 Ireland with two professional actor-guides, who'll recount the songs and testimonies of those who fought for independence. One takes on the role of an Irish Citizen Army (ICA) volunteer, while the other is a member of the Cumann na mBan (C na mB) the rising's female volunteer faction.

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Friday to Monday.

headset Commentary:

  • Live English-speaking guide.

schedule Departure Time:

  • 14:00.

place Departure Point:

  • College Green Tourist Office, 37 College Green, Dublin.

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • 2 Hours.

Tour Itinerary:

Your journey back to 1916 begins outside the College Green Tourist Office (close to the Bank of Ireland building). Here you'll meet two costumed actor-guides, one an ICA volunteer, the other a Cumann na mBan member. But what's driving these ordinary men and women to take up arms? All will be explained once the group is hunkered down inside the rebel base - a stunningly refurbished double-decker tour bus.

Listen as the volunteers recount the events that led to the Easter Rising, as well as the words of prominent poets and leaders such as James Connolly, James Larkin and W.B. Yeats. You'll learn about the effects that World War I had on Irish society, the Curragh Incident, and the 1913 Dublin Lock-out, a violent industrial dispute that led to widespread suffering and starvation.

With the events of April 24-29 looming the tour bus will make its move. You'll be taken to key sites occupied by the rebels, including Dublin City Hall, South Dublin Union and the General Post Office (GPO). The latter served as rebel headquarters during the week of the Easter Rising, and was the spot where Padraig Pearse read out The Proclamation of Independence, decreeing a free and independent Irish Republic.

At each location the guides will offer riveting first-hand accounts of the struggles that took place. Hear about Seán Connolly's ill-fated attempt to capture Dublin Castle, which led to his death by sniper fire. Travel to the locations where the bloodiest fighting took place such as The Four Courts and Mount Street Bridge (where the British Army suffered its greatest casualties). And discover how the female volunteers kept rebel communications flowing by delivering messages under enemy fire.

Towards the end of the tour you'll learn why the Rising ultimately failed as well as the fates of those involved. Rebel leaders not already dead were held in Richmond Barracks before being transported to Kilmainham Gaol for execution. Their legacy, however, cannot be overlooked, as in death they swayed a tide of public opinion towards Irish Nationalism. The events this set in motion over the coming years would eventually lead to the establishment of the Irish Free State, and later the modern Republic of Ireland.

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