Visit locations from the real world Westeros that is Northern Ireland. Coaches depart central Belfast daily.

• See Dunluce Castle, the Dark Hedges, and more.

• Cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge (optional).

• Explore Antrim's coast and learn about local mythology.

• Optional complimentary hotel pick-up upon booking.


Note: A detailed itinerary including timings is available below.


  • All Year Round, Daily | Except December 24-27.


  • Live English-speaking guide.

Tour Times:

  • Depart: 09:00 (check in by 08:45).
  • Return: Approximately 18:30.

Departure Point:

  • No Pick-Up: Irish Tour Tickets Office (10 Great Victoria Street).
  • Pick-Up: City centre hotels (see bottom of Bookings Tab for details). Hotel pick-ups must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.


  • Approx. 9 hours.


  • Giants Causeway Visitor Centre Admission Fee.
  • Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge Crossing Fee.
  • Lunch - Participants are encouraged to bring their own packed lunch. Other options you may wish to consider are:
  • 1) The Giant’s Causeway Nook Café.
  • 2) The Causeway Hotel (also its adjoining shop).
  • 3) The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre.

About The Belfast Game Of Thrones Day Tour:

Your journey from Belfast to Westeros begins at the Irish Tour Tickets Shop on 10 Great Victoria Street. Be sure to check in at 08:45 on your chosen date, as the coach will embark on the first leg of the tour at 09:00. Complimentary hotel pick-up is also available (see above).

As you make your way out of Belfast, peer up at the Samson and Goliath cranes. These real world giants are even more breathtaking when viewed up close.

Following a scenic coastal road out of Belfast the next stop takes you to Carrickfergus Castle, a Norman era fortification that's borne witness to countless power struggles throughout the centuries. Listen as your guide recounts tales of sieges, murders and executions every bit as memorable as those from the TV series.

After Carrickfergus it's onto a location from season 6, Carnlough Village, whose rustic 19th century harbour proved ideal for Game of Throne's location scouts. It was used to represent the waterways of Braavos, most notably the canal into which Arya Stark jumped after being stabbed by the Waif. Fans with sharp eyes and a good memory may even recognise the same waterside stairway that Maisie Williams' character clambers up after evading her nemesis.

Continue onto Cushendun Caves, a spot that's become synonymous with the series due to a particular scene featuring Melisandre, Ser Davos and the Shadow assassin in season two. As well as its relevance to Game of Thrones the Cushendun Caves are an impressive piece of geology popular with all kinds of Northern Irish day trippers. Your guide will intersperse commentary about the caves as a film location with traditional tales of myth and legend.

Close to the tour's half-way point you'll make a brief photo stop at Dunluce Castle. The violence and intrigue that permeates the history of this place gives it a touch of the Harrenhal, and numerous local fantasy writers have derived inspiration from its crumbling ramparts and cliff top perch.

Proceeding onto Giant's Causeway you'll meet with a chance to explore this natural wonder on foot. Listen as your guide paints a colourful vocal picture of the area's mythology, a story of warring giants and magical fairies.

After you've had time to wander across the Basalt columns the tour will move onto the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. This iconic attraction makes an appearance in season six and is involved in a rather unceremonious change of leadership for the Iron Islands. Participants are welcome to cross during the 1.5 hour stopover, but should note that crossing fees are not included in the price of the day tour. Saying that, you may wish to hold off altogether if your surname is Greyjoy.

Directly opposite the rope bridge is Larrybane Quarry. Amidst its windswept, limestone cliffs you'll witness the spot where Brienne of Tarth beats Ser Loras in a tournament fight to win a place in Renly Baratheon's Kingsguard. It's also where Catelyn Stark comes to negotiate with Renly on behalf of her son, Robb Stark. Larrybane and the rope bridge are both part of the same 1.5 hour stop.

Final stop on the Game of Thrones day tour is the enchanting Dark Hedges, a vaulted boulevard of beech trees that has served as the poster child of Northern Irish GoT locations since the series' inception. On screen it portrays King's Road, along whose length Arya Stark travelled during her escape from King’s Landing. After leaving the Dark Hedges the coach will make its way back to Belfast (approx. 18:30).

Detailed Schedule:

  • 08:15 | Hotel pickups (if requested).
  • 08:45 | Check-in at Irish Tour Tickets office.
  • 09:00 | Depart Belfast.
  • 09:30 | Arrive at Carrickfergus Castle (stay approx 15 minutes).
  • 09:45 | Depart Carrickfergus Castle.
  • 10:45 | Arrive at Carnlough Village (stay approx 20 minutes).
  • 11:05 | Depart Carnlough.
  • 12:00 | Arrive at Cushendun Caves (stay approx 20 minutes).
  • 12:20 | Depart Cushendun Caves.
  • 13:00 | Arrive at Dunluce Castle (photo stop).
  • 13:15 | Arrive at Giant's Causeway (stay approx 1 hour 45 minutes).
  • 15:00 | Depart Giant's Causeway.
  • 15:15 | Arrive at Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge / Larrybane (stay approx 1 hour 30 minutes).
  • 16:45 | Depart Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.
  • 17:15 | Arrive at The Dark Hedges (stay approx 20 minutes).
  • 17:35 | Depart Dark Hedges.
  • 18:30 | Arrive back in Belfast.

Something Else Worth Checking Out:

To coincide with the global premier of season 7, the Ulster Museum has unveiled a 77 meter long tapestry charting key moments from the series - Learn More.

It will be displayed to the public from July 22nd.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

• Without Hotel Pick-Up:

Please either print or present your ticket voucher on a mobile device to staff at the Irish Tour Tickets office. It will allow you to access the Game of Thrones coach. Be sure to check in by at least 08:45. Coaches set out on the tour at 09:00.

• With Hotel Pick-Up:

Hotel pick-up is available as long as you book at least 24 hours in advance of your desired departure date. Please email ( to arrange a pick-up. Please note that pick-ups are not available from the following hotels: Fitzwilliam Hotel, Jurys Hotel, Travelodge Hotel, Ibis City Centre, Holiday Inn Hope Sreet and Ten Square.

Those who request hotel pick-up are asked to be ready in the lobby for at least 08:15.

• With 48-Hr Belfast Bus Tour:

Get a 48-hour pass for the City Sightseeing Belfast bus tour. This can be picked up from the Irish Tour Tickets office after you check into your Game of Thrones tour. Passes are valid from the point of first use, so you won't loose any time while exploring the filming locations.

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