Visit the exterior filming locations of Dragonstone from HBO's acclaimed Game of Thrones TV series. Tours run each Sunday at 07:45.

• Climb the steps of Dragonstone and visit Blackwater Bay.

• Stops for photos at Butrón Castle and lunch in Bermeo*.

• Travel with a knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide.

• Depart El Arenal Bus Stop opposite San Nicolás Church.


About The Dragonstone Day Tour:

For Daenerys' arrival on the shores of Westeros, HBO's location scouts needed a stage befitting the now fantastically powerful Breaker of Chains. They would also require a backdrop for Dragonstone island, ancestral seat of House Targaryen, as well as other epic locations throughout Blackwater Bay. Their efforts led them to the windswept shores of Northern Spain, where they discovered the rugged beauty of the Basque Country coast.

On this full day tour from the regional capital Bilbao, you'll visit three important locations featured in the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. The itinerary will also include a photo stop at Butrón Castle, and lunch in the town of Bermeo (*meal not included in price). Meet your tour guide at the bus stop 'El Arenal' opposite San Nicolás Church for 07:45, then embark on an unforgettable journey into The Crownlands.

This tour will also provide a wonderful overview of the sights, history and gastronomy of the Basque Country.

  • A full itinerary is available below the following key information:

today Season:

  • All Year Round | Sundays.

headset Commentary:

  • Live English-speaking guide.

schedule Tour Times:

  • Depart: 08:00 (arrive by 07:45).
  • Return: Approximately 17:30.

place Departure Point:

  • El Arenal Bus Stop opposite San Nicolás Church - View Location.

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • Approx. 9 hours.

cancel Exclusions:

  • Hotel Pick-Up/Drop-Off.
  • Food & Drink.


1) Bilbao (Depart) - 08:00.

2) Barrika - La Muriola Beach (Approx. 30 Min Stay):

Cast your mind back to the season 7 episode 'Eastwatch', when Tyrion, smuggled back into King's Landing by Davos, aimed to convince his siblings to accept an armistice with Daenerys. While his bittersweet reunion with Jamie proved fruitless, Davos was able to locate Gendry in Flea Bottom and guide him to an awaiting boat on the shores of Blackwater Bay. Everything goes smoothly, until they are confronted by two suspicious guards patrolling the beach.

The standoff that ensues after Tyrion accidentally reveals his identity to the Gold Cloaks was filmed on the sands of La Muriola Beach. Encircled by a wall of jagged cliffs, this location proved an ideal stand-in for the steep, fortified coastline of King's Landing. You'll spend around half an hour here, so take in the sights and maybe bring along a big novelty war hammer if you have one.

3) Butrón Castle Photo Stop (Approx. 15 Min Stay):

At first glance Butrón Castle appears to be an archetype of medieval architecture, and while it certainly has storybook credentials, it owes much of its present appearance to an extensive redesign in the 19th century. Although never featured in Game of Thrones, Butrón's high walls and crenellated towers wouldn't look out of place amongst the fertile fields of The Reach. You'll stop here for a quick photo opportunity before moving onto the tour's highlight filming location.

4) San Juan de Gaztelugatxe 'Dragonstone' (Approx. 2-Hr Stay):

Located a short distance off the coast of Biscay, Gaztelugatxe should be immediately recognisable to Game of Thrones fans for its long, winding causeway. Many a time did the cast members walk its length to reach the mighty fortress of Dragonstone atop the rock. While the castle itself was created digitally, its omission from the itinerary does little to diminish Gaztelugatxe's fantastic spectacle.

What you will find after ascending the stairs with your cape and sword is a little church constructed in the 19th century. Traces of the previous monasteries that stood in its place have long since disappeared, but their thousand-year history lives on, waiting to be discovered like caves of precious Dragonglass.

5) Bermeo (Approx. 1-Hr Stay):

Upon returning to the mainland you'll travel to the fishing village of Bermeo for a spot of lunch (meal not included in tour price). Bermeo is about a half-hour's drive south-east of Gaztelugatxe, and your stay will last around an hour. It's an ideal place to try some traditional Basque pub grub, known locally as pintxos, accompanied by various tapas and txakolí wine.

6) Zumaia Flysch - Itzurun Beach (Approx. 1-Hr Stay):

The tour's final location featured in one of the most poignant scenes in the series - Daenerys' landing in Westeros. It's fitting that the Mother of Dragons should set foot on this particular prehistoric shore. The rock formations encircling the beach are around 100 million years old, and probably bore witness to real life creatures not unlike Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal.

7) Bilbao (Return) - 17:30.

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