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Granada's narrow, ancient streets deserve the finest preservation as can be afforded a hugely popular sightseeing gem. Not only does the city seek to maintain its physical fa├žade, but also the timeless atmosphere that makes it so special. Many of the locations that best typify its historical city centre can't be reached by a traditional open-top bus, but that's where the nifty street train comes in. It's your eco-friendly carriage through thousands of years worth of majestic architecture and cultural relics. Travel from the iconic Alhambra to Mirador de San Nicolas, Plaza Nueva, and more. There's also a hop-on hop-off night tour that runs till late.
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Tickets are valid for 24-hours!

Hop-on and off as many times as you like during ticket validity period.

Pricing Conditions

Senior tickets available for over 65s. Children aged 8 years and under travel free.


Pre-recorded English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Catalan. Special channels in English and Spanish available for kids.


All Year Round*


Alhambra Route: 1 hour

City Centre Route: 30-35 minutes


Alhambra Route: Every 15-20 minutes

City Centre Route: Every 30-35 minutes

Departure point

Alhambra Route: Alhambra (Ticket Office)

City Centre Route: Plaza Nueva

Tour Times

Alhambra Route:

Low season (16/10-15/03) from 09:30 to 18:30.
High season (16/03-15/10) from 09:00 to 22:00.

City Centre Route:

Low season (1/10-28/02) from 20:30 to 23:00.
High season (1/03-30/09) from 21:00 to 00:00.


About The Granada Hop On Hop Off Train:

The Granada tour has two routes, the Alhambra Route and the City Centre Route (Night Only). The former is the primary daytime tour which takes in all of Granada's essential landmarks and districts. The City Centre Route only runs at night, but still facilitates the hop-on hop-off option that makes sightseeing so fun and versatile. As you travel between the lively plazas and neighbourhoods you'll have complete freedom to acquaint yourself with the history behind the sights with a multilingual audio guide in 12 languages.

A couple of highlight attractions you'll encounter while riding the open-air street train include: the Palace of Charles V, Granada Cathedral and the Arc of Elvira.

The Palace of Charles V is an opulent and rather unique royal residence whose construction was commissioned by Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V in 1526. It's location at the foot of the Alhambra was likely intended to signify the disposition of Spain's former Muslim rulers, who'd been driven from the Iberian peninsula in 1492. In terms of style the building was designed to be Roman in nature, making the area in which it was erected one of the few places in Europe where one can see such a stark contrast between eastern and western architecture.

Granada Cathedral is a place where you can really get a feel for Granada's renaissance era history. It contains incredible religious works by El Greco, Jusepe de Ribera and Alonso Cano. It has strong links to various Spanish Monarchs such as Charles I, Isabel I and Ferdinand II.

The Arc of Elvira stands a testament to Granada's Moorish past. It formed part of an old city wall constructed during the 11th century by the region's Zirid dynasty rulers. In 1896 it was designated a Spanish Property of Cultural Interest, and remains a protected monument to this day.

*No tours operate on both routes during Easter, Christmas Day or January 5.


Alhambra Route:

  • 1, Alhambra
  • 2, Cuesta Gomérez
  • 3, Plaza Nueva
  • 4, Paseo de los Tristes
  • 5, Plaza Abad/Mirador de San Nicolás
  • 6, Plaza San Miguel Bajo
  • 7, Plaza Romanilla/Granada Cathedral
  • 8, Calle Alhóndiga
  • 9, Plaza Mariana Pineda
  • 10, Calle Molinos/Campo del Príncipe
  • 11, Alhambra Palace

City Centre Route:

  • 1, Plaza Nueva
  • 2, Paseo de los Tristes
  • 3, Plaza Abad/Mirador de San Nicolás
  • 4, Plaza San Miguel Bajo
  • 5, Plaza Romanilla/Granada Cathedral
  • 6, Calle Alhóndiga
  • 7, Plaza Mariana Pineda

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Important Information & Usage instructions

Please print off the ticket voucher you receive from this site and take it to any one of the hop-on hop-off train stops listed below. The first stop on the Alhambra Route is the Alhambra, and on the City Centre Route it is Plaza Nueva. Alternately, you can exchange your voucher for tickets at the Granada City Tour Office (Carrera del Darro, 3). Staff will exchange the voucher for city tour tickets which you can use at any hop-on hop-off stop during the validity period.


Granada Hop On Hop Off Train Map

Granada Hop On Hop Off Train Map

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