Travel through time and explore fascinating worlds during your trip to Musée Grévin Praha - Prague's own wax museum.

• Rub shoulders with celebrities and historical figures.

• Explore 6 worlds and snap all the photos you like.

• Create a wax model of yourself in in the 3D workshop.

• E-tickets are sent straight to your mobile device.


About Grevin Museum Prague:

As part of your trip to Prague why not visit the Czech extension of the Musée Grévin. Prague is the latest capital to welcome this world famous waxwork museum, which came to the city mid-2014.

True to the original in Paris, Grévin Praha painstakingly researches and constructs models of iconic personalities from all across the globe, be they big names in media, politicians, sports stars or historical figures. Explore a variety of immersive 'worlds', from the Old Prague Café to the Magic Theatre. Each serves as a themed exhibition space where you'll come face-to-face with the great and good in their respective categories.


  • All Year Round, Daily.

Opening Hours:

  • 10:00 to 19:00.

Grévin Museum Address:

  • Celetná 15, 110 00 Praha 1.

Musée Grévin Praha | What To Expect:

Imagine running into John Lennon during you trip to Prague. Think its not possible? Well head over to Grévin Praha and think again. This waxwork museum is the newest addition to a growing chain that started with the famous Musée Grévin in Paris. Meet Franz Kafka in one of Prague's early 20th century cafés, see into the creative gaze of Miloš Forman and create a unique Nicolas Cage meme out of his uncanny 3D likeness. Photos are welcome at the Grevin Museum, so snap and share away.

In addition to the fantastic exhibition spaces there's also the interactive 'Discovery' Workshop. During this portion of the experience you'll learn about the crafting process involved in making one of the waxwork characters. The journey from precise measurements and mapping to final touch-ups with a delicate brush is a spectacle every bit as fascinating and entertaining as the finished displays themselves. Use one of Grévin's computers to create a 3D model of your own head, which you can accessorize and upload to Facebook.

From the dreams of the Grévin Museum's 19th century founders comes the Café Grévin. Open from 10:00-19:00 this Parisian style eatery is an ideal spot for breakfast, lunch, or just a leisurely break with a hot drink and sweet treats. You can find Café Grévin right next to the main museum.

New For 2017 | Pat & Mat:

These two gaffe-prone handymen have been entertaining Czech TV viewers for over 40 years, and now they have their very own studio at the Grévin Museum. Created by illustrator Vladimír Jiránek and animator Lubomír Beneš in 1976, Pat and Mat are the stars of their eponymous stop-motion cartoon series. With 91 episodes under their belts as of 2015 and a variety of other media spin-offs, they're one of the Czech Republic's most recognisable on-screen exports.

The new Pat & Mat exhibition at Grévin Praha is an interactive experience perfect for the whole family. It consists of a film studio were visitors can create their own stop-motion animation and learn how a full 6-9 minute episode is created. You can even place yourself in the world of the characters using trick photography in the 3D illusion area.

There's also a working phenakistoscope, an old wheel-spun device that created moving images decades before the advent of film. This early precursor to feature length animation is part of a wider display exploring the history of animation.

Finally, in the Dowis Light-art workshop budding artists can try their hand at a novel medium - painting with light à la Alex Dowis.

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