Enjoy 200+ discounts and free transport during your trip to Holland with the country's official discount card.

• Pick a Small, Medium or Large Pass (details below).

• All pass types include a free guidebook and maps.

• Complete your activities within 1 month of first use.

• Pass vouchers are sent instantly via email.


About The Holland Pass:

If you're planning a journey around Holland or even just a refreshing trip to its capital city then the Holland Pass could be one of the few bookings you need to make. It's the country's official travel discount pass, with offers ranging from free public transport to dining, tour and attraction concessions.

Cards vary based on their 'size'. Select either a Small, Medium or Large Pass. The same list of discounts and services apply to every card regardless of their type, so you needn't worry about missing out even if you're travelling on budget. Time isn't an issue either, as all Holland Passes are valid 1 month from the first time you use them.

Purchasing Your Pass:

See the information at the bottom of our Bookings Section for instructions on how to purchase, collect and use your Holland Pass.

How Does It Work?

A Holland Pass is divided into 3 parts: gold and silver tickets, a discount card and a complimentary guidebook.

The number of gold and silver tickets included on a Holland Pass depends on its size. These tickets provide free access to a single attraction or activity:

  • Small: 1x Gold + 2x Silver.
  • Medium: 2x Gold + 2x Silver.
  • Large: 3x Gold + 3x Silver.

To determine whether a particular activity is gold or silver please view or download the Holland Pass discounts leaflet linked below:

Please note that the 24-hour public transport pass for Amsterdam is considered a silver activity.


Discount Card:

In addition to the Gold/Silver activity packages all Holland Passes come with a money-saving discount card. Show your card at selected museums and attractions and save up to 50% on the entrance price. It also includes many handy excursion, shopping and dining discounts. The size of each discount is detailed in the download above.


Guidebook & Maps:

Every Holland Pass includes a full-colour guidebook and maps for featured cities and villages. These are provided when you go to collect your pass.

How Much Could You Save?

A popular large package combination for Holland Pass holders visiting Amsterdam is:

  • Rijksmuseum | GOLD.
  • Heineken Experience | GOLD.
  • Amsterdam Guided City Tour | GOLD.
  • 1-Hour Canal Cruise | SILVER.
  • Body Worlds: The Happiness Project | SILVER.
  • The National Maritime Museum | SILVER.

Combined individual Price: € 113.50.

Holland Pass Saving: € 38.50.

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