Explore the ancient and literary culture of Sweden's Skåne County on this 8-hr day tour from Cophenhagen.

• Visit Ystad from Mankell's Wallander crime novels.

• Stop at Viking burial mounds and rune stones.

• See the 'Sunship' megalith and Svaneholm Castle.

• Tour passes are sent immediately via email.


About The Wallander & Viking Sites Day Tour:

  • See below for a concise itinerary list and practical information.

Ancient heritage and popular culture collide on this exciting full day tour of Sweden's southern Skåne County. Starting outside the Grand Hotel in Copenhagen, you'll be greeted by a friendly English-speaking tour guide. Once everyone has arrived the bus will depart east across the Øresund Bridge. From here the tour goes off the beaten track down rural roads where old Danish churches and Viking monuments lie. Along the way your guide will explain that Skåne was once part of Denmark.

At some of the more substantial Viking sites the bus will stop so that participants can photograph the rune stones and burial mounds. Your guide will talk about how Christianity built upon the old Norse religion, leading to the creation of a united Danish Kingdom.

Your trip through the countryside will eventually take you to the town of Ystad, known to fans of writer Henning Mankell as the home of fictional police inspector Kurt Wallander. Why not take a walk down St Knuds Torg and order a coffee in Fridolfs Konditori, Wallander's favourite cafe. Those familiar with the Swedish and or BBC TV adaptions of the series can learn about its production at Ystad Studios Visitor Centre (Elis Nilssons Väg 5).

Those unfamiliar with the Wallander series will still find Ystad an intriguing place to explore. The town is full of old buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, with some such as Maria's church dating back to the 1200s. You may also want to check out Ystad Art Museum, Charlotte Berlin's Museum and the New Theatre.

Leaving Ystad it's back to the Bronze Age as you make your way towards the fishing village of Kåseberga. This pretty collection of countryside homes sits at the doorstep of Sweden's answer to Stonehenge. The 'Sunship' is a megalithic monument shaped like a Viking longboat. It's 220ft long and consists of 57 large boulders weighing up to 1.8 tons each.

If you haven't already had something to eat then Kåseberga is a great place to sample some local fare. For seafood lovers we recommend 'Kåseberga Fish', which boasts 20 different kinds of pickled herring, smoked salmon burgers and delicious stuffed baguettes. If fish isn't your thing try the 'Stone Oven Bakery' or Kåseberga Cafe & Bistro (Lunch not included in ticket price).

Fast forward to the 16th century, and the final location you'll visit is Svaneholm Castle. It's most famous resident is the 18th century agrarian reformer Baron Rutger Maclean, whose policies paved the way for modern intensive farming in Sweden. Learn about Rutger's story in one of the castle's exhibitions, and chart the history of Skåne County from 1530 to 1935 in its other rooms. After you're finished at Svaneholm you'll be taken back to Copenhagen.


  • May 22 - October 6.


  • Live English-Speaking Guide.

Tour Times:

  • Meet: 09:15.
  • Depart: 09:30.

Departure Point:

  • Outside Grand Hotel (Vesterbrogade 9, 1620 København V).


  • 8 Hours 15 Minutes.

Tour Itinerary:

  • 1) Copenhagen (Depart).
  • 2) Scenic drive through Swedish countryside.
  • 3) Rune stones and Viking burial mounds.
  • 4) Ystad - Home of Inspector Kurt Wallander.
  • 5) Kåseberga Fishing Village.
  • 6) Sunship Stone Ring.
  • 7) Svaneholm Castle.
  • 10) Copenhagen (Return via Øresund Bridge).

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Important Information & Usage instructions

After completing your booking you will receive a tour pass immediately via email. Please print this out present it to the tour guide at the departure point - outside Grand Hotel (Vesterbrogade 9, 1620 København V, Copenhagen). Remember to arrive at the departure location at least 15 minutes before the bus departs so you can be checked-in.

Additional information regarding the tour operator, such as their emergency contact numbers will be listed on your confirmation voucher.


The tour operator asks that you bring the following items for the Wallander & Vikings Day Tour:

• Passport.
• A good pair of walking shoes or boots.
• Light and warm waterproof jacket.
• Travel Toiletries (recommended).
• Medication if required.

The buses are equipped with a dedicated luggage storage area so that you do not have to carry everything for the duration of the tour. Nevertheless, having suitable clothing close to hand is a useful precaution against unpredictable weather conditions. A passport is required as you will be crossing national borders.

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