Delve into the mind of history's most famous polymath at the modern Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Venice.

• See and operate over 60 of da Vinci's inventions.

• View original technical sketches and notes.

• This combo includes a boat tour pass.

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About The Leonardo da Vinci Museum:

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Venice is a state-of-the-art visitor attraction housed within the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Its main exhibition focuses on da Vinci the inventor and scientist. Across 500 square metres of exhibition space you'll come come face-to-face with over 60 scale reproductions of the many machines Leonardo devised during his lifetime.

These can be touched, admired and in some cases even operated by guests. Each one is accompanied by descriptions in 6 languages and multimedia displays throughout the room offer deeper insights into their workings.

Some of the inventions on show in Venice were produced to address civil engineering challenges. His 'Ideal City' concept combined a variety of hydraulic devices with clever urban planning to address contemporary problems of poor sanitation, overcrowding and disease. Look out for models of his improved canal lock system, water screws and technical drawings.

Da Vinci was also a notable military engineer, with many of his most iconic (and innovative) devices stemming from this field. At the Venice exhibition you can see his ribauldequin (an early multi-shot gun), the turtle-like 'tank', catapult and much more.

Other inventions at the Venice da Vinci Museum represent the Italian polymath's more wistful ambitions. His 'Flying Machine' is often upheld as a prime example of how far ahead of his time the man really was. Though rooted in a dream common to many humans since the dawn of time, Leonardo attempted to actualise his vision of self-powered flight by applying his skill as an engineer to extensive studies of avian biology.

Though the Flying Machine was ultimately hampered by 15-16th century technology, the principles involved in its creation proved sound, with studies showing that it could have flown with modern propulsion. Other flying machines you'll encounter at the museum include the aerial screw (a helicopter concept), the parachute and the glider.

schedule Opening Hours:

  • Every day from 10:00 to 18:30 | Except December 24-25.

place Address:

  • Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Campo San Rocco, 3052, 30125 San Polo, Venezia.

settings Facilities:

  • Leonardo da Vinci Museum Shop - Souvenirs and Gifts.

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This anytime entry ticket for the Leonardo da Vinci museum includes either a 24 or 48-hour hop-on hop-off boat pass. Click/tap the link below to find out more about Venice's official sightseeing tour.

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