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London Haunted Ghost Bus Tour

From the mournful wails of political prisoners in the Tower of London to the demon barber of Fleet Street, London has so many skeletons in the cupboard they're practically clambering out. Whether the tales are rooted in gritty reality or semi-myth you'll experience them all on the city's very own 'carcass coach'. This exciting ghost bus tour is no ordinary night bus, it's a theatrical sightseeing journey with bags of laughs... and body parts. Featuring a host of onboard actors and terrifying special effects your hunted adventure will take in most of London's iconic landmarks and paint them in a blood-red light. Find out more about London's only haunted 'fright bus' service and book below.

London Ghost Bus Departure Point
Haunted Bus Tour In London
Dare You Ride The London Necrobus?

London Ghost Bus Tour Available All Year Round.

Excluded days include December 24, 25 & 31; and January 1.


Tour Start Times:

19:30 & 21:00: Daily.

18:00: Fridays and Saturdays.

19:45 & 21:15: Saturdays.

Tour Departure Point:

Outside the Grand Hotel on Northumberland Avenue. Opposite Sherlock Holmes pub.

Tour Duration:

Approx. 75 minutes.


Pricing Conditions

 Child tickets aged 5-15 years. 

 Concession tickets include seniors (60+) and students.

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  • Extensive Sightseeing Route
  • Onboard Actor Cast
  • Live Commentary
  • Special Effects

Important Information

Please arrive at the ghost bus tour departure point at least 15 minutes prior to the start time (18:00, 19:30, 19:45, 21:00 & 21:15).

Days/Times Currently Unavailable:

  • 18:00 | All Available.
  • 19:30 | 04/02.
  • 19:45 | All Available.
  • 21:00 | All Available.
  • 21:15 | All Available.

About The London Ghost Bus Tour:

Think you know the dark side of London? You may be familiar with popular tales of Jack the Ripper and the treachery that once lurked behind the walls of the Tower, but like the tip of an iceberg, these stories are essentially a hand protruding from a shallow grave. Let the actor guides aboard the London Ghost Bus Tour dig up a trove of horrors you never even thought imaginable.

Passengers are met by their black 1960s routemaster bus and are beckoned aboard by the creepy conductor. This character serves as the tour's narrator, recounting the hidden histories behind each sight. Highlights along the sightseeing route include: the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.

Keep your wits about you, as the spirits at each haunted location might just decide to manifest themselves on the bus! Fear not, however, as the staff are highly trained in dealing with malevolent paranormal activity.

How To Start Your London Ghost Bus Tour:

To start the haunted night bus tour select your preferred date, book your tickets, and print out the email voucher you receive from this site. Take this voucher to the bus stop outside the Grand Hotel (off Trafalgar Square) on Northumberland Avenue. The stop is located opposite Sherlock Holmes pub. For departure times see the column on the left.

The Tour's Haunted History:

The story of the British Ghost Bus Tours begins in the 19th century with the Necropolis Bus Company. This unusual funeral service once operated a fleet of vehicles designed to ferry the deceased, pall bearers and up to 50 mourners to the place of interment. As the bus navigated city streets a 'mourning whistle' would signal its approach and prompt passing gentlemen to remove their hats and bow as a gesture of respect.

The Necrobus service operated until 1967 when a fire raised the company depot at South Dulstead and destroyed virtually the entire fleet. Only one routemaster survived, and after being mothballed for 40 years was finally resurrected as the black 'carcass coach' that plies London's roads and terrifies passengers today.

London Ghost Bus Tour Ghost Bus Driver Loading The Coffin London Ghost Bus Actors
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