Travel to and from London Southend Airport quickly and easily during the early morning hours. Tickets are sent immediately via email.

• Two daily departures: One from and one to the airport.

• First departure from Southend at 23:40 (to London Victoria).

• First departure to Southend at 03:00 (from London Victoria).

• Stops at Embankment, Canning Town & Lakeside Bus Stations.


About The Jetlink X1 Service:

The Jetlink X1 is a shuttle bus service by Ensignbus designed to get you to and from London Southend Airport during the awkward early morning hours. There are currently two main departures: One from the airport at 23:40 (terminating at London Victoria Station) and another to the airport at 03:00 (starting from London Victoria Stop 10A).

Both departures feature three intermediary stops at the following bus stations: Lakeside Bus Station, Canning Town Station and Embankment. Details of the exact pick-up points and timings are listed in the timetable below.

Tickets are single fare only, valid for one-way transport in your chosen direction. They can be purchased online (see 'Book Now' above), in cash on the bus or by contactless (£30 limit). Please note that TfL oyster cards or any other type of pass are not accepted on this service.

schedule X1 Timetable:

These times are valid daily with possible alterations during public holidays:

From Southend Airport:

  • Southend Airport | Departs 23:40.
  • Lakeside Bus Station (Bay N) | Departs 00:25.
  • Canning Town Station (Stop A) | Departs 00:45.
  • Embankment Station | Departs 01:00.
  • London Victoria | Arrives at 01:05.

To Southend Airport:

  • London Victoria, Grosvenor Gardens (Stop 10A) | Departs 03:00.
  • Embankment Station (Stop 40B) | Departs 03:10.
  • Canning Town Station (Stop A) | Departs 03:25.
  • Lakeside Bus Station (Bay P) | Arrive 03:45 - Depart 03:50.
  • Southend Airport | Arrives at 04:30.

settings Facilities:

The Jetlink X1 service utilises modern low floor, double decker buses with comfortable, ergonomic seats.

accessible Accessibility:

Each X1 bus can accommodate one wheelchair.

Select your ticket type(s)

Helpful ticket usage instructions are listed below.

Important Information & Usage instructions

FLIGHT NUMBERS | For departures from Southend Airport we recommend including your flight number alongside the lead traveller name, for example: [Name - Flight No]. In case of delays to your flight this will help Ensignbus determine when to wait for passengers.

Upon completing your purchase you will receive your ticket[s] immediately via email. You MUST print these tickets before travel. Please present them to the bus driver at your chosen stop.

This service is operated by Ensignbus. Should you have any questions or issues regarding bus operations please contact them at: ( or call: +44 (0)1708 865656.

Adult tickets are aged 16+ years. Child tickets are aged 5-15 years.


• If you wish to cancel your pre-booked ticket, you must do so up to 48 hours before the journey and we will provide a refund minus £5 cancellation charge per booking.

• We cannot provide any refund within the 48 hours before the journey (except in exceptional circumstances).

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