Hop aboard a luxury air conditioned coach in central DC then embark on an exciting journey through multiple layers of time. This special DC Trails tour takes travellers back to the formative years of the United States, as seen through the eyes of its first president, George Washington. Venture across the across the Potomac River towards Washington's lifelong home, Mount Vernon in Virginia. Upon arrival you'll experience the full flavour of early post-colonial life with help from the many professional re-enactors and wonderfully preserved 18th century amenities. Highlights include a guided tour of Washington's mansion house, the various outbuildings, and Martha Washington’s stunning gardens.


Bus Tours To Mount Vernon Available All Year Round.

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Pricing Conditions:

Child tickets aged 5-11 years. Senior tickets aged 55+.

Tour Departure Point:

Holiday Inn Washington, 550 C Street S.W., Washington, DC 20024.

Tour Departure/Return Times:


Tour Duration:

5.5 hours


About The Mount Vernon Bus Tour:

Explore the life and legacy of America's principle founding father at his beloved family home, Mount Vernon, now a significant cultural heritage site and living museum. It begins in the heart of Washington DC, where you'll join one of DC Trails' daily coach tours across the Potomac. On your way into Virginia keep and eye out for other famous historical gems such as Robert E. Lee's childhood home, Old Town Alexandria, Fort Washington and Gadsby's Tavern.

Once you arrive at Mount Vernon take a moment to familiarise yourself at the Ford Orientation Centre, featuring a short introductory movie and audio tour pick-ups. You can then enjoy an exploration of Washington's mansion and the beautiful surrounding gardens, all while absorbing the atmosphere and practices of a time long passed.

The Outbuildings are where you'll learn about the daily workings of the estate. Here costumed reenactors resurrect the arts of spinning, meat curing and blacksmithing, along with the more mundane tasks of laundry and farm work.

Death and legacy are as much as theme at Mount Vernon as life and achievements. Later on you'll see Washington's Tomb, a brick structure that superseded his original burial vault and which today contains both his and his family member's remains. It's no secret that the Washington's kept hundreds of slaves on their Virginia plantation, with George's father owning over 300. The memories of these people are kept alive at the nearby Slave Memorial and cemetery. Head along after visiting the tomb to see the granite column dedicated in 1983 and the unmarked 18th-19th century graves.

Top off your trip to Mount Vernon with a journey around the Pioneer Farm (open April-October), where George Washington's role as an agricultural innovator is explored. Afterwards wander along to his Potomac River Wharf. 45 minute sightseeing cruise tickets are available to purchase here or at the Orientation Centre.

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