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Seville » Seville Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour

Seville Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour

See the capital of Andalusia by open-top double decker bus. The Seville City Tour lets you explore 2 routes for 48 hours.

• Visit top attractions from La Giralda to Maria Luisa Park.

• Enjoy dining and shopping discounts with your bus ticket.

• Present your ticket to the tour staff at Torro del Oro.

• BUY NOW, tickets are sent immediately by email.

Seville Bus Tour Tickets

Seville Hop-On Hop-off Bus Tour, Torre Del Oro
Exploring Sevilla By Open-Top Bus
Seville Green City Sightseeing Bus
Sevilla Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus

• Quick Tour Facts •

Tickets are valid 48-hours. Hop-on and off as many times as you like during this period.



All year Round.


Digital Audio: English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Dutch, Swedish and Russian.

Tour Times / Frequency:

Apr to Oct: 10:00-20:00, every 20 mins.

Nov to Mar: 10:00-19:00, every 30 mins.


Both Routes: 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

Departure Point*:

Torro del Oro.

*Once you present your ticket voucher you can start the tour from any stop.


Pricing Conditions:

Children aged 0-4 years travel for free.

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About The Seville Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour:

Enjoy a sightseeing tour through the heart Seville that encapsulates all of the city's major landmarks both ancient and modern. The official green hop-on hop-off tourist buses ply two fascinating routes each with their own unique theme.

The red 'Monuments' route takes in the legacy of Seville's Golden Age, the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, and Expo '92. The blue 'Romantic' route has fewer hop-on hop-off stops but focuses heavily on the full Expo '29 site, as well as architectural icons including Plaza de España and Plaza de Toros. Join the bus tour at Torre del Oro and discover your slice of Sevilla.



Seville Bus Turistico Map | Click map for larger view.

Seville Green Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Map


Ticket Usage Instructions:

Please print off the ticket voucher you receive from this site and take it to the main bus stop at Torro del Oro. Bus Turistico Seville staff (green buses) will exchange it for passes which you can use to ride the buses for 48-hours.


Seville Red 'Monuments' Bus Tour Route:

Click map for larger view.

Seville Bus Turistico Monumental Route Map

This route provides an essential overview of new and old Seville. Landmarks such as the Walls of Seville, the Hospital of the Five Holy Wounds and the Basilica del Cachorro provide glimpses into a era of conquest, international trade and cultural blossoming. You'll also travel through various sites associated with the World Expo of 1992. Look out for Seville Bioclimatic Sphere, Alamillo Bridge, and ride across the Puente de la Barqueta (Bridge of the Boatship).

Other interesting stops include Isla Mágica Theme Park, Hercules Mall for its shopping and nightlife venues, and the Royal Tobacco Factory, a building that served as the headquarters of Spain's 18th century tobacco manufacturers.


Seville Blue 'Romantic' Bus Tour Route:

Click map for larger view.

Seville Bus Turistico Romantic Route Map

On this tour route you'll experience the legacy of the 1929 World's Fair, a grand event that transformed Seville over the course of almost two decades. Some of the city's most iconic landmarks can be traced to this epochal exposition, namely, the sweeping Plaza de España and institutions such as the Archaeological Museum of Seville. It was also the period during which the city was extensively modernised.

Maria Luisa Park features prominently on the tour route, as it was the site of many of the fair's showcase exhibitions. You'll also ride past many of the Latin American pavilions which continue to feature various historical, cultural and agricultural exhibitions to this day.


Seville Red 'Monuments' Route Sights & Bus Stops:

  • 1, Torre del Oro (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 2, Palace of San Telmo
  • 3, Lope de Vega Theatre
  • 4, Casino de la Exposición
  • 5, Casino de la Exposición
  • 6, Plaza de España (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 7, Royal Pavillion
  • 8, Archeological Museum of Seville
  • 9, Mexico Pavilion
  • 10, Morocco Pavilion
  • 11, Columbia Pavilion
  • 12, Argentina Pavilion
  • 13, Guatemala Pavilion
  • 14, Monument to Simon Bolivar
  • 15, Costurero de la Reina
  • 16, Portugal Pavilion
  • 17, Monument to El Cid
  • 18, Fountain of the Four Seasons
  • 19, Royal Tobacco Factory (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 20, Hotel Alfonso XIII
  • 21, San Telmo Bridge
  • 22, Plaza de Cuba
  • 23, T. San Vicente de Paul
  • 24, Ermita La Ercarnación
  • 25, G. Escolar San Jacinto
  • 26, Corral Herrera. 1909
  • 27, Church of San Jacinto (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 28, Chapel of the Star
  • 29, Basilica del Cachorro (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 30, Torre Triana
  • 31, Seville World Trade Center
  • 32, Discovery Park Seville (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 33, Monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas
  • 34, Morocco Pavilion
  • 35, Seville Bioclimatic Sphere
  • 36, Isla Mágica Theme Park (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 37, Energy Pavilion
  • 38, Bridge of the Boatship
  • 39, Alamillo Bridge
  • 40, Tower of Don Fadrique
  • 41, Hercules Mall (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 42, Hospital of the Five Holy Wounds (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 43, Walls of Seville
  • 44, Basilica de la Macarena
  • 45, Tower of the Pellets
  • 46, Museum of Fine Arts of Seville
  • 47, Plaza de Armas
  • 48, Plaza de Armas Bus Station (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 49, Gourmet Market Lonja del Barranco
  • 50, Hospital de la Caridad
  • 51, Isabel II Bridge Seville
  • 52, Plaza de Toros
  • 53, Teatro de la Maestranza

Seville Blue 'Romantic' Route Sights & Bus Stops:

  • 1, Torre del Oro (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 2, Palace of San Telmo
  • 3, Costurero de la Reina
  • 4, Monument to Simon Bolivar
  • 5, Casino de la Exposición
  • 6, Maria Luisa Park (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 7, Plaza de España
  • 8, Royal Pavilion
  • 9, Mexico Pavilion (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 10, Villa María
  • 11, Villa María Dolores
  • 12, Cuba Pavilion
  • 13, P. de Santo Domingo
  • 14, Villa María Lourdes
  • 15, Domecq Pavilion
  • 16, Atalaya
  • 17, The Press Pavilion
  • 18, Alborán
  • 19, Marqués Luca de Tena
  • 20, Brazil Pavilion
  • 21, Villa María Luisa
  • 22, Villa de la Palmera
  • 23, Ave María
  • 24, San Ignacio
  • 25, Sundheim
  • 26, Basilica Corpus Christi
  • 27, Villa Enrique
  • 28, Villa Pilar
  • 29, Villa Diana
  • 30, Villa Lola
  • 31, La Zahira
  • 32, Villarta
  • 33, Convento Adoratrices
  • 34, Villa Carmen
  • 35, Virgen de los Reyes
  • 36, Casa Rosa
  • 37, Morocco Pavilion
  • 38, Columbia Pavilion
  • 39, Argentina Pavilion
  • 40, Guatemala Pavilion
  • 41, Teatro de la Maestranza
  • 42, Plaza de Toros
  • 43, Hospital de la Caridad
  • 44, Church of Santa Maria Magdalena
  • 45, Plaza de Armas
  • 46, Plaza de Armas Bus Station
  • 47, Puente del Cachorro
  • 48, Basilica del Cachorro (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 49, Iglesia de la O
  • 50, Alley of the Inquisition
  • 51, Ceramics Centre Triana
  • 52, Chapel of the Virgin of Carmen
  • 53, Isabel II Bridge Seville (Hop-on Hop-off)
  • 54, Gourmet Market Lonja del Barranco
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