Depart central Stockholm with a local guide and explore the unspoiled wilderness surrounding the capital.

• Safaris are conducted both on-foot and by minivan.

• See Sweden's native elk, boars, birds and more.

• Visit ancient Viking rune stones on the forest hike.

• Enjoy a traditional meal at the outdoor camp.


About The Stockholm Wildlife Safari:

Stockholm is a capital so intertwined with its natural surroundings that mother nature in all her glory lies just a short bus journey from the city centre. This wildlife safari tour from Stockholm Adventures departs at sunset during the summer months and spirits its visitors away to a fauna rich wonderland of spruce, birch and pine.

The light hours will give you chance to see the majestic elk, wild boars and even do a bit of bird watching. As things get darker the life of the forest continues to flourish as creatures of the night make themselves heard, and occasionally seen. In addition to wildlife spotting from the minivan there will a bit of hiking on the nature trails, and besides the forest's animal inhabitants you'll discover ancient Viking ruins and rune stones.

Led by a professional English-speaking guide, the safari vans depart from outside the Stockholm Adventures Office at Kungsbro Strand 21. Departure times vary depending on when the sun begins to set (exact hours detailed below). When you meet up with the minivan your guide will provide a detailed itinerary of the locations to be visited and the wildlife to be seen. Enroute you will also be offered some light refreshments.

The safari also includes a traditional Swedish Midsummer meal, which you'll enjoy as the sun sets amid the great outdoors. Dinner consists of herring, boiled baby potatoes, meatballs, sausages, boiled eggs with Kalles Kaviar and crunchy bread with Västerbotten Cheese. As a simple yet delicious dessert you'll be treated to a bowl of fresh berries. Lingonberry and Elderflower soft drinks are the safaris' beverage of choice.


  • May 1 to October 15, 2017.


  • Live English-speaking guide.

Departure Times:

  • May 1-15 at 18:00 | 16-31 at 18:30.
  • June 1-15 at 18:30 | 16-30 at 19:00.
  • July 1-15 at 19:00 | 16-31 at 18:30.
  • Aug 1-15 at 18:00 | 16-31 at 17:30.
  • Sep 1-15 at 17:00 | 16-30 at 16:30.
  • Oct 1-15 at 16:30.

Departure Point:

  • Kungsbro Strand 21.


  • Approximately 4 hours.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

Upon booking your Stockholm Wildlife Safari you will receive an electronic ticket voucher immediately via email. You can either print this out or present it on a mobile device to staff at the departure point (Kungsbro Strand 21). Please ensure that you arrive at the departure point at least 15 minutes before the safari is due to start - see DETAILS TAB for exact departure times.


It is recommended that you bring appropriate clothing for the hiking portions of the safari, such as a light, waterproof jacket and good walking boots.

The minimum age for participation in this activity is 10 years old.