Soothe your aches and pains or just lie down and unwind with a 20-60 minute massage session at Széchenyi Spa.

• Enter via the exclusive Hungaria Koncert desk.

• Choose an Aromatherapy or Thermal Massage.

• Your massage session includes full day bath entry.

• E-tickets are sent straight to your mobile device.


Széchenyi Massage Packages:

Feel the need to relive tension during your time at Széchenyi? Try one of these popular massage packages. You can choose whether you want a male and female therapist:

Aromatherapy Massage (20 Mins) + Entry:

Relive the tension in your upper body with the help of one of Széchenyi's professional masseurs. This easy-going 20 minute treatment employs fragrance free aromatic oil to bolster the effects of the massage. It is conducted in a private cubicle and you can choose whether you want a male and female therapist.

Thermal Massage (20 Mins) + Entry:

Széchenyi's 20 minute thermal massages are ideal for relieving muscle aches and joint pains. The masseurs use a firm Swedish technique to target areas of discomfort, rubbing and kneading as required to unravel localised tension and promote relaxation. By the end of the session you should be feeling sprightly and revitalised, ready for further relaxation in the spa's many pools.

Royal Thermal Massage (45 or 60 Min VIP) + Entry:

This VIP multi-sensory experience incorporates a gentle range of full body massages along with heated, organic oils that lightly fragrance the skin and air around the massage table. It's a very popular form of aromatherapy that clears the mind and reduces stress.

Four different fragrances are available with this treatment, these are: Relaxing Jasmine, Rose Harmony, Citrus Refresh and Vetiver (most suitable for men). Details of each fragrance can be found in this downloadable leaflet.

If you'd like to extend your Harmony Aroma session then you can upgrade to the 60 minute version. This treatment includes the application of a moisturising facial toner, as well as a feet-to-head full body massage.

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Daily.

schedule Opening Hours:

  • 09:00 to 18:00.
  • Guests are welcome to stay until the Spa's closing at 22:00.

place Széchenyi Bath Address:

  • Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary.
  • Enter via the "Kós Károly Sétány" side entrance - View Location.

directions_subway Getting to Széchenyi Bath:

  • Ride the Millennium Underground Railway (M1) to Széchenyi fürdő station.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

Massage sessions at Széchenyi Baths are allocated a time slot upon reservation. For this reason we restrict free sale bookings within a 72-hour period. You may still book a massage within this closeout period, but we ask that you first contact us at ( to confirm availability.

If you would like a specific time slot please contact CityXplora regardless of indicated availability. We will contact reservations at Széchenyi directly and request the desired slot or the nearest one possible.

NOTE - For massage sessions it is recommended that you arrive in the bathhouse at least 40 minutes prior to your appointment time. This is so you have plenty of time to get oriented, changed and arrive at the massage rooms.

After completing your booking you will receive an electronic ticket voucher immediately via email. Please either print or present this on a mobile device to staff at Széchenyi Bath's Hungaria Koncert Welcome Desk.

The Welcome Desk is open daily, 09:00 to 18:00. Entry tickets are valid until 22:00 on your chosen date. Enter via the "Kós Károly Sétány" side entrance.

UPDATES From May 28th, 2018:

• The outdoor swimming pool and the sun terrace will not open until 14:00.

• The changing rooms on the first floor and upstairs sun terrace will be closed between 09:00 and 18:00.

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