See the Russian capital by open-top double decker bus. City Sightseeing Moscow lets you explore 2 routes for 2 days.

• Visit Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery and more.

• Buses frequent each stop every 20-40 minutes.

• Present your ticket to the driver at any bus stop.

• E-tickets are sent straight to your mobile device.


About City Sightseeing Moscow Bus Tour:

A city of contradictions, Moscow can easily be considered Eastern Europe’s most fascinating urban destination. Boasting the most billionaires per capita in the world, the capital of Russia is home to fairytale palaces and luxury hotels alongside scattered reminders from its turbulent Soviet past. A haven for history buffs, the city screams sightseeing opportunities on every corner - perfect for discovering on your Moscow hop-on hop-off bus tour.

Aboard an open-top double-decker bus admire top Moscow attractions such as Red Square - the scene of many military parades during the city’s Soviet era, and home to gorgeous St Basil’s Cathedral. Pass the lavishly elegant Alexandra Garden or perhaps hop off at the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum.

With your 2-day ticket, you can access buses on either the red or green route and listen to the informative audio commentary. Alternatively, hop off at any of the 40+ stops around the city and discover Moscow’s numerous museums, gardens and squares.

today Season:

  • All Year Round, Daily.

headset Commentary:

  • Multilingual Audio Guide.

schedule Tour Times / Frequency:

  • Red Route: 10:00 to 18:00, every 20 minutes.
  • Green Route: 10:00 to 18:00, every 40 minutes.

place Departure Point:

  • Various, see Itinerary List below.

hourglass_empty Duration:

  • Red Route: 60 Minutes.
  • Green Route: 120 Minutes.

settings Facilities:

  • Audio Guide (Headphones Included).
  • Printed Tour Map & Leaflet.
  • Free On-Board Wi-Fi.

Tour Itinerary:

pin_drop | Red Route - 18 Stops:

  • 1) Bolotnaya Square.
  • 2) Urdarnik cinema at Serfimovich Street.
  • 3) Big Stone Bridge.
  • 4) Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
  • 5) Kropotkinskaya Metro Station.
  • 6) Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane.
  • 7) Arbatskaya Square.
  • 8) Alexander Garden at Mokhovaya Street.
  • 9) Okhotny Ryad.
  • 10) Theater Square.
  • 11) Lubyanka Square.
  • 12) GUM Department Store.
  • 13) Red Square.
  • 14) Big Moskvoretsky Bridge.
  • 15) Balchug Stat Bolotnaya Street.
  • 16) Red October.
  • 17) Urdarnik Cinema At Sofiyskaya Street.
  • 18) Balchug Stat Sofiysjaya Embankment.

pin_drop | Green Route - 32 Stops:

  • 1) Bolotnaya Square.
  • 2) Urdarnik cinema at Serfimovich Street.
  • 3) Alexander Garden at Mokhovaya Street.
  • 4) Arbat Gates.
  • 5) Moscow Book House.
  • 6) October Cinema.
  • 7) Novinsky Boulevard.
  • 8) Free Russia Square.
  • 9) Ukraine Hotel.
  • 10) Taras Shevchenko Embankment.
  • 11) Borodino Bridge.
  • 12) Smolenskaya Square / Old Arbat.
  • 13) Smolenskaya Metro Station.
  • 14) Novinsky Boulevard.
  • 15) October Cinema.
  • 16) Moscow Book House.
  • 17) Arbatskaya Square.
  • 18) Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane.
  • 19) Kropotkinskaya Metro Station.
  • 20) Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane.
  • 21) Arbatskaya Square.
  • 22) Alexander Garden at Mokhovaya Street.
  • 23) Okhotny Ryad.
  • 24) Theater Square.
  • 25) Lubyanka Square.
  • 26) GUM Department Store.
  • 27) Red Square.
  • 28) Big Moskvoretsky Bridge.
  • 29) Balchug Stat Bolotnaya Street.
  • 30) Red October.
  • 31) Udarnik cinema At Sofiyskaya Embankment.
  • 32) Balchug Stat Sofiysjaya Embankment.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

Once you've completed your purchase a ticket voucher will be sent immediately via email. Please present this to a driver at any City Sightseeing Moscow bus stop (see map in Downloads Tab). Vouchers can either be shown on a mobile device or in a printed format.


• Children aged 6 years and under travel free.

• Seniors may be asked to present a valid form of ID when collecting their ticket from the tour staff. Valid international IDs are accepted.


• Full refunds can be provided for cancellation requests notified at least 24 hours in advance of the activity start time.

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