See the sights of Melbourne and Williamstown on a Yarra River Cruise. 24-hr bus tour passes are included.

• Pick one of three sightseeing cruises: A, B or C/D.

• Sail by the Docklands, Herring Island and more.

• Explore 20+ locations aboard the open-top buses.

• BUY NOW - Note that $ prices quoted are USD.


About The Yarra River & Bus Tour Combo:

Take time to see the sights of Melbourne by land and water with this Yarra River sightseeing cruise and bus tour combination ticket. Print off the voucher you receive via email and exchange it with the City Sightseeing Melbourne staff at any of their bus stops to receive both portions of the ticket.

There's no rush to enjoy either one, as your Yarra River cruise does not need to be completed within the same 24 hours as the bus tour. Spend a relaxing day exploring inner Melbourne's major attractions before embarking on a panoramic journey along the Yarra River sightseeing routes.

directions_bus | City Sightseeing Melbourne Tour:

directions_boat | Yarra River Sightseeing Cruises:

Stop 1 on the city bus tour is the closest point from which to embark on one of the Yarra River sightseeing cruises. Take a short walk across to the main berthing station: Berth No 3, Southbank Promenade, Southgate.

Below you'll find details on each of the cruises included with this ticket, simply exchange your voucher with the City Sightseeing Melbourne staff and pick whichever of the three you'd like to try the most:

Melbourne Port & Docklands Cruise (A)

  • Departure Point: Southgate Promenade, Berth 3.
  • Duration: 1 Hour.

Cruise A will take you downstream and show you the historic Victoria Docks as well as the busy modern trading ports. You can discover the city's rich maritime heritage at the former while the latter provides an exhilarating snapshot of the ebbs and flows of daily life across one of the Southern Hemisphere's liveliest waterfronts.


Melbourne River Gardens Cruise (B)

  • Departure Point: Southgate Promenade, Berth 3.
  • Duration: 1 Hour.

Cruise B sails upriver past the capital's greenest areas. See Melbourne Park, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Herring Island. This journey up the Yarra finishes by circling Herring Island and returning in the opposite direction.


City to Williamstown Return Ferry (C & D)

  • Departure Point: Southgate Promenade, Berth 3 or Gem Pier Williamstown.
  • Duration: 50-60 Minutes (either way).

Cruises C & D represent two legs of the same trip. The first will take you downstream of Southgate, through the mouth of the Yarra River and out into Hobsons Bay, then across to Gem Pier on the northern banks of Williamstown. Upon arriving in this picturesque western suburb be sure to check out museum ship HMAS Castlemaine. To return to central Melbourne jump on Cruise D from Gem Pier.

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Important Information & Usage instructions

• $ prices quoted above are USD.

Please print off the email voucher you receive from this site and take it to one of the bus tour departure points (see timetable in Downloads Tab).

City Sightseeing Melbourne staff will exchange it for Yarra River Cruise tickets as well as a 24-hour pass for the tour buses.

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